"My mother was once gentle, and caring... she used to love me dearly. On some nights, she would take me to the highest peak, and we would watch the motion of the cosmos. I remember those nights well, and look back on them fondly... even now; even after mother has turned against the mortal world that she once loved so much. Now, her eyes, once filled with compassion, are filled with hate when she looks at me. I try... I really do try to make her happy... even after all the stinging words... even after everything she's inflicted on me... because, deep down... I still love her..."


Solstice is the daughter of Nova and Almagest, the younger sister of Andromeda, and one of the many avatars of the Unknown. Her first appearance is in the short chapter, Paper Minds, returned to life by Almagest harnessing the power of Imperium Recto.

Solstice would later be brought back by Almagest in The Shadow of Death to force Nova into surrendering her offspring Anomaly to Evil.

Not much is currently known about Solstice, other than the fact that her mother, Nova, loved her dearly, hated her in equal measure, and killed her for a currently unknown reason.


Solstice appears to be a black wisp, with icy-blue eyes.

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