"Remember that moment a few minutes ago, where I was like 'You shouldn't hit me.' and you were like 'Oh no!!' and then I got mad? And then that moment just right after where I was going to blast you into the next century, yeah? The weirdest part of it, I guess it was that you were there."


Stasis is the fusion of Entropy and Control, thus making himself the obviously more powerful of the three. Unlike most Secrets, he has hands that are not formed from ectoplasm.


Stasis has a strange typed personality, at times being the most stoic one around and at others being very spamodic and random, though he tries to keep those on both levels so as to keep a stable enviroment for himself. He also tends to repeat what was said moments before, this gets to annoy many. He also enjoys making things randomly happen, and tends to bend reality because of it for his own enjoyment.

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