Want It Need It (Orchestral Rock Cover) ft04:31

Want It Need It (Orchestral Rock Cover) ft. H8 Seed and Veggie55

"..several years ago I lost everything in the blink of an eye.. and the world just freaking watched.. tomorrow there will be no shortage of viewers, no shortage of fans.. I know you understand.."

Sugar is the central antagonist of The Forgotten, the sole member of the Magical Unicorns who did not redeem herself - in fact it was her threat that caused the other Unicorns to break away from their original plan and ally with Para and Dox against her attempt to conquer the "real" world - despite her somewhat comical appearance Sugar was an extremely dangerous and dark opponent.

Following the events of The Forgotten Sugar would be cast into the Land of Nowhere but would return later as a recurring antagonist - altered due to an alliance with Emperor Gear.



The Forgotten

Sugar's Revenge

Powers / Abilities


Sugar was depicted as an exceptionally powerful Toon, roughly on a par with Moggy (without her magic) - unlike the Laugh-A-Lot Toons she also had unique magical abilities due to being a "Magical Unicorn": the full extent of Sugar's magic was unknown but elevated her to at least a power-level rivalling Betwixt.

  • Cartoon Physics
  • Magikinesis
  • Immortality

Post "Sugar's Revenge"

Following the events of "Sugar's Revenge" the already powerful Toon would be infused with the power of a Clockwork Toon, under the control of Emperor Gear - however she would be one of the most independent of the Emperor's enforcers and often schemed against him when his interests conflicted with her own.

  • Cartoon Physics
  • Cartoon Cybernetics
  • Magikinesis
  • Immortality

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