Suzie is an important character in Betwixt 's origin story and a Toon who resembled an anthropomorphic cat, she was one of the few Toons who treated Betwixt with respect when he was still a small anthropomorphic frog and gradually she and Betwixt would share far more than just friendship: tragically Suzie's gift was the final one Betwixt would recieve before the Land of Nowhere claimed him as its own and snatched him in the night, causing Suzie to awaken to an empty bed.

Despite her previous relationship with Betwixt Suzie was the leader of the Wasteland Resistance until after the events of "Toon Wars" but is now the leader of a "Liberated" Empire alongside Betwixt Jr. - her adopted son, Betwixt himself is no longer in a position of power by his own request as he fears reverting to his tyrannical ways, something Suzie is working on comforting him over and despite their differing views on the future of Toons they have resumed their old role as lovers.

Suzie has been active since 1921, making her a year older than Betwixt and two years younger than Baby.

Suzie was cast into the Land Of Nowhere in 1936, exactly three years after Betwixt - Baby would join her two years later in 1938.

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