The Tall Man is an otherworldly creature that appears in Close Encounters and The Living City.

Tall Man is the servant of Dbiel and acts as the main antagonist of Close Encounters as well as a minor antagonist of The Living City.


Around 300,000 BC Dbiel landed on Earth alongside the Tall Man, it was the Tall Man who carried Dbiel into what would become known as Subterra and cared for the creature - bringing it food and allowing it to grow.

As well as providing Dbiel with plentiful supplies of food the Tall Man began to engage in its own experimentation as part of a grand scheme to transform future generations into mindless "live-stock" for Dbiel's consumption.

Close Encounters

Tall Man appears at the main antagonist of this story, where he faces Karma and Night Owl after kidnapping Night Owl for use as one of Dbiel's many victims. During this encounter Karma and Night Owl fought against Tall Man as they uncovered Subterra and the Worm-People.

The Living City

Tall Man would reappear in the Living City as a minor antagonist, pursuing Megan Ryder and Ace after they became trapped in a long-buried vessel depicting relics of Earth's mysterious past. However the pair would quickly lose the alien monster as they fell deeper into Subterra.



Tall Man appears at first to be a bestial monster but is in reality incredibly intelligent and malevolent, being beyond the limits of human understanding and often being considered a demonic figure despite its alien origins.

Powers / Abilities

Tall Man is the servant of Dbiel and is incredibly powerful, in many ways being Dbiel's more mobile and intelligent half it has a vast array of abilities.

  • Regeneration (Tall Man can regenerate from wounds at an incredible rate, at a molecular-level)
  • Paralysis Stare (Tall Man can paralyse victims using its multiple eyes)
  • Dimensional Mastery (Tall Man has the ability to control dimensional-space, allowing it to create portals across space/time, break/form dimensional-blocks and disrupt teleportation and similar abilities)
  • Alien Intelligence (Tall Man has vast but ultimately alien intellect which surpasses that of most mortal species)
  • Biological Weaponry (Tall Man has vicious claws, razor-sharp fangs and can stretch its arms and jaw to incredible lengths)
  • All-Consuming (Tall Man can consume almost all types of matter and energy, including mystical and cosmic elements)
  • Auto-Genesis (Tall Man can spawn tiny versions of itself which are capable of being absorbed back into its form at any point)
  • Psychic Link (Tall Man has a psychic link with Dbiel that allows the two beings to interact with one another across great distances)


Night Owl


Sack Man / Panic / Tall Man / Dbiel / Samuel Deuce

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