Techno-Freak is the virtual alter-ego of the basement-dwelling malcontent known as Francis Walker, although regarded as a nuisance rather than a true threat he is nevertheless a continual menace to the safety of the V-Net and thus one of SIM's many opponents.


SIM:- Rise of The Techno-Freak

Techno-Freak's first appearance was in the short story "Rise of The Techno-Freak" where he had managed to obtain the level cap of 5000 in the V-Game known as "World of Ownage" - due to his high level and access to multiple cheat codes Techno-Freak usurped the gaming world and made himself a self-proclaimed "slayer of newbies" and general nuisance.

Unable to fight against the troll the players of "World of Ownage" were left with little choice but to call on the aid of SIM in putting an end to Techno-Freak's reign of terror.

SIM:- Revenge of The Techno-Freak

After suffering defeat at the hands.. err.. paws.. of SIM Techno-Freak decided to exact his revenge via entering an alliance with a fellow malcontent known as "Troll Man" - attacking SIM directly during the first V-Net Games he activated the highly dangerous Total Ban Nullification code: which allowed all the malcontents and viruses SIM had blocked from the V-Net to re-enter the V-Net.

Yet Techno-Freak found himself unable to stop the code and soon the chaos became catastrophic as Dark SIM herself began to break free, forcing SIM to fight against a literal sea of madcap villains in order to deactivate the code.

Techno-Freak attempted to fight SIM as the portal sucked in Dark SIM and all the other malcontents only for "Troll Man" to show the fickle side of V-Net criminals as he betrayed Techno-Freak for fun, taking him into the portal with him and effectively getting him banned from the V-Net once more.

Enraged Techno-Freak was once again trapped in the real-world, yet quickly began work on yet another scheme.. a trait which he would become well known for..

King For A Day

(to be revealed)

Powers / Abilities

  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Tech-Savant
  • Virtual Mastery

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