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Ted is one of the main characters in "Lost and Found" as well as its prequel "Body Parts" - he is a supernatural serial-killer who targets those he sees as corrupt and he seems to have links with ancient forces from beyond the physical world in the shape of a unique branch of magic that mixes aspects of shamanism, voodoo and ancient pagan customs.

Ted is a high functioning pawn of Drifter - linking him to the larger Voice mythology.

Ted's "Rules"

Ted has several rules he will not break and in turn expects others to follow, those who do not follow his rules are subjected to a "Three Strike" system - on their third offence Ted will exact the punishment he sees fit (often via contacting spirits or supernatural forces).

Ted's Rules are as follows:

  1. Always Say "Please" and "Thank You"
  2. Always Say Grace Before Every Meal
  3. Do Not Eat Junk Food
  4. Respect Others Property / Feelings
  5. Do Not Swear
  6. Do Not Engage In Excessive Sexual Activities
  7. Do Not Abuse Women / Children
  8. Keep Pride In One's Appearance

Ted's Abilities

Ted is a supernatural being who has many abilities - the most common manifestation of his power is his collection of doll parts which he can use to cause harm to others once they have made contact with a piece of his clothing: as long as he wears the piece of clothing his victim has touched he has the ability to utilize his powers against them.

In addition to this Ted can appear and disappear like a shadow, does not appear to age and is seemingly unable to be physically killed.

  • Sympathetic Magic (Ted is a master of sympathetic magic, to the point he is quite possibly the most powerful practitioner of sympathetic magic in the current era)
  • Shadow Merging (Ted can merge with shadows as well as make existing shadows semisolid)
  • Immortality (Ted is unable to age and seems to be immune to disease, in addition he is shown to revive after being drowned, choked and poisoned - it is quite possible he can not die)
  • Regeneration (Ted's ability to regenerate is terrifying - there are records of Ted being shot to pieces, dismembered, beheaded and set on fire only to return from the dead after only a few weeks)
  • Occult Knowledge (Ted is one of the most knowledgable chaos magicians on Earth)

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