Teddy Lee
is a major antagonist in the Pathos series
Nightcore - You're Going Down02:52

Nightcore - You're Going Down

Teddy Lee's battle theme

who was one of several patients from Valley High Sanatorium that was set free during a mass breakout by the vigilante known as Iconoclast and became a free-roaming threat.

Having once been a quiet and timid student Teddy Lee would become an agent of the cosmic entity known as Violence and gained possession of the Blade of Violence as a result, which shattered his mind and his once timid nature was replaced with an emotionless monster that exists to challenge others to battles to the death.

Teddy Lee has challenged Pathos several times and has been dealt severe damage that would of killed a normal human, yet his eternal master seems to favor him and Teddy Lee continually revives from death: each time becoming more determined to find and slay Pathos, gaining slight immunity to whatever killed him the last time around.. making it only a matter of time before even Pathos will run out of ways to defeat this truly unstoppable foe..

Powers / Abilities

  • Blade of Violence (an indestructible blade that seeks out powerful opponents and "speaks" to Teddy Lee, allowing him glimpses into the past of his victims - giving him limited omniscience)
  • Immortality (Revival) (Teddy Lee can die but will revive when and if Violence wishes him to, such is the "gift" of being an agent of a cosmic entity - when he is "dead" Teddy exists in a spiritual zone similar to Purgatory)
  • Adaption (when Teddy revives his new body will have limited immunity to whatever killed him in his "previous" life - these immunities will pass onto his next body if he is defeated again, meaning with each new "birth" he grows more and more powerful)


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