"Pain pierces the shell, so one may realize mortality."


Temeres was once an abnormally powerful sorcerer from the earliest years of Terralius. Through several tragic events, he became the Secret of Pain, and soon afterward, formed the Cult of Pain.

Temeres as the Secret of Pain, wielding his cursed sword.


All people in the earliest days of Terralius had the ability to use sorcery from drawing their powers from nature. Temeres was unique among them, however, by being able to draw his powers from nothing, effectively making him a prodigy and a more powerful magic-user than the rest of his brethren. Because of this, he was an outcast among his own people. One fateful night, he was approached by the Secret of Order, who befriended him (against his own orderly nature) and took him to the Castle of the Secrets. Temeres became familiar with the other Secrets, befriending them and studying at their Castle, which held infinite secrets of the universe. Defying his nature, Order became close to Temeres.

One day, entering a forbidden room, Temeres came across a radiant golden sword. Just looking at the sword seemed to ignite a burning desire in his heart, and he took the cursed blade for himself. As soon as this happened, Temeres succumbed to the demonic soul within the blade, which twisted and corrupted Temeres's mind. Temeres later awoke back on Terralius, having slaughtered scores of people. As Temeres spread murder and mayhem across Terralius, the Secrets decided they could no longer turn a blind eye against their old friend, and they confronted Temeres in an epic battle. After some difficulty, they managed to seal Temeres and his cursed blade in an empty dimension. Order, lamenting the loss of his old friend, departed back to the Castle of Secrets with his bretheren.

Temeres, bitter and angry, swore to himself he would return, avenging the pain that the universe and the Secrets brought upon him. Stabbing himself with the cursed blade, he took the form of a Secret, effectively becoming the Secret of Pain.

Arbiter's Tale: Young Blood

Years later, Temeres broke free from his dimensional prison, and formed the Cult of Pain, which lasted countless years, preceding the events of Young Blood.


Years later, soon after the legendary battle between Arbiter and Malovus, Temeres would once again reappear, this time before Ruichi.

Wheel of Fate

Temeres reppeared in Wheel of Fate, as first an antagonist, and then as an ally, actually, for once, fighting alongside Ruichi, though he was led to his demise by Zied, who condemned the Secret of Pain to Anu-Oie for the next million years.


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