Terralius is one of the oldest worlds in existence, which has seen countless eras and evolutions of it's people. It was created by the deity Dashuri. It is also the previous homeworld of Arbiter.

Future World


Terralius is a world with a colorful history, filled with eras of war and peace, heroes and tyrants, swords and sorcery, and at one point it's people gained the technology that enabled them to sail through space, opening trade with other worlds such as Tregon and Aegis. With it's newfound might, it's civilization expanded into a massive stellar empire, colonizing many inhabited worlds.


Terralius was formerly capable of supporting life, containing a diverse number of landforms, from mountains to deserts and oceans to plains. It orbits a three-star system, and it's weather is generally consistent. It's sky appears orange. Centuries after the Science-Magic War, it's oceans have dried up, and the planet is continuously wracked with sandstorms.

There are thick rings around Terralius that light up the nights similarly to Earth's moon.