The Apocalypse is a crisis event that consists of the stories leading up to Omniwar - it is the first fulfilment of Voice's role as the Anti-Christ and the grand climax of Drifter's plans for conquest over the "mainstream" multiverse.

During this event Drfter sends seven of his Fiends to perform specific tasks on Earth designed to break the Seven Seals, powerful mystic wards that act as a safeguard against the power of the Apocalypse (which happens to be the final seal).

With these divine seals broken the world is plunged into the Omniwar, where the age of President Malcolm begins and the "mainstream" multiverse becomes a new Golden Empire.. the only hope of ending the nightmarish "New Order" lays in finding the Seven Virtues, which can repair the Seven Seals and end the Apocalypse once and for all.

Hell's Broken Angel

The First Seal: Conquest

An assassin bearing the legendary title of Deathwalker comes from the bowels of Hell and collects only the purest souls to deliver into the hands of Lucifer himself. But what happens when he finds a pure soul that he simply cannot bring himself to kill?

The Gate of Genesis

The Second Seal: War

Arbiter begins the creation of a mysterious artifact that is referred to as the All-Crystal.


The Third Seal: Famine

Nova is released into the Multiverse, which will lead to some disastrous consequences...


The Fourth Seal: Death

The death of Inferno begins Arbiter's descent toward madness...

Return to Order

The Fifth Seal: Lamentation

(Relevance to be revealed)

Trials of Purgatory

The Sixth Seal: Ruin

(Relevance to be revealed)


The Seventh Seal: Apocalypse


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