It all began with a Bang.. a Big Bang.. then it ended just as quick with a Crunch.. a Big Crunch..


Boom.. Bang.. Boom.. Bang..

Stomp.. Stomp..


Everything that ever lived joined in the dance..

Hop.. Skip.. Walk.. Crawl..

Slither.. Swim..


Some danced so long they never died, others were so late they were never born at all.. most however arrived in time for just one special dance.. which lasted for such a short time yet had so many different moves it was considered the most beautiful dance of all..

Life.. Death.. Rebirth.


One however danced longer than any other, so long in fact that every step she took shattered worlds only for entire universes to grow from the prints she left behind..

Destruction.. Creation..


She danced so long that her shadow shifted continually, blocking the light only to bring light again and again with each subtle sway of her body..

Day.. Night..


Sun.. Moon..


Her form was both black as night and white as snow, the two colors creating irregular patterns as she moved around to a celestial melody..

Good.. Evil..


Her eyes were pure blue and shone as bright as any star, continually moving as she watched each step she took along her cosmic journey..

Sky.. Ocean..


Her breath often formed into visible mist that drifted across the depths of space and time as she twirled in place before once again moving along her dance..

Air.. Ice..


Sometimes in her dance the figure forgot the power of her claws and they tore into the fabric of space and time, leaving gaping wounds in the process..

Fire.. Heat..


Yet as she noticed the wounds she would brush it with the palm of her hands, the wounds healing as she continued along her dance..

Nature.. Land..


So it was, so it is and so it shall forever be..

The story of how it all comes to be.

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