And thus, here is a little introduction toward the Hell's Broken Angel storyarc, featuring Deathwalker, and the both tragic and divine events that surround him.

The Devil's Assassin

Do you know how some people say that if one is so incredibly good at something, that that person has sold his soul to the Devil himself? Of course, most don't really believe that.

But in my case, every word of that is true.

I don't know what he saw in me when he said he'd give me a chance. A chance to lessen my agony. Yet he chose me for this job. And for every step that I have taken outside of Hell, I felt more contented. I felt more relaxed. I felt strong.

Yet my pact with Lucifer himself constantly weighed down at the back of my mind, and once my job was complete I would have to return to the blackness of Hell.

And let me just say this- Hell's no cakewalk either. The moment you step in, the darkness blots out your eyesight, the sound of wailing bombards your ears. Your mind dissolves until it is no longer human, and an irrational fear grips your heart. You lose all sense of time, place... everything about you ceases to be human.

I have no memories of what my life was like. I only remember a few fuzzy memories. And a person's face. This person appears to be a young girl... is she... I mean, was she important to me? It frustrates me that I can't remember...

And once I stepped back into the Universe, I could see the souls of all people; I could read a person's Heart of Hearts; and this is very important for my job; to trap pure souls and bring them into Hell. It's ironic, isn't it? The purer your soul, the greater the chance I will arrive to take you into Hell...

I have become the harbinger of the damned, Hell's Angel of Death.

I am Deathwalker.

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