"What am I, you ask? I am love. I am balance. Some call me God."

~The Divine Trinity

The Divine Trinity is a passive, omnipotent being that represents love in it's most divine form- it is one deity, yet is mysteriously comprised of three different entities- The Guardian, the Child, and the Bond. The Divine Trinity itself is sometimes referred to simply as God. The Divine Trinity rarely interferes with the happenings of the universe, and few have actually seen it.

The Trinity is the God of many different worlds- most notably Earth and Terralius, despite the fact that it was Dashuri who created Terralius.

Before Shattered Psyche, the Divine Trinity and Sin form a pact once the Multiverse is born to refrain from interfering in it's workings. It wouldn't be long before Sin overstepped his bounds, planting the seed of doubt in both Genesis and Lucifer, resulting in the fall of both beings. The former was reborn as Eclipse, the latter sent to rule over Hell. When confronted with his deeds, Sin explained that it was disgraceful for a pair of deities with absolute power to restrain themselves with a mere agreement of words, explaining that such power is meaningless if not used. Their disagreement led to a clash as the Trinity knew Sin would not be contained with their former pact. The Trinity won the battle, imprisoning Sin in Limbo and tasking the Seraphim Fortuna with holding his influence at bay.

In The Gate of Genesis, Eclipse manages to acquire what he believes is the power of God, yet it turns out that he is incapable of holding onto it. 


The Divine Trinity is a being that knows it can be "perfect" but deliberately chooses not to be. Knowing that it is the most powerful being in it's Multiverse (not counting other Godheads such as Alpha and Pandemonium), it prefers to allow all beings beneath it to solve their own problems, thus allowing them to grow by overcoming their own hardships; however, it may at times act indirectly for those who pray to it as God, thus giving people the opportunity to help themselves rather than outrightly granting them help.

As one entity, the Trinity takes the form of a genderless being.

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