"The Game-Sage is delighted to accept your challenge, player! Let the games begin!"

~The Game-Sage

A strange, charismatic, free-spirited, and mysterious charicature of a man, the Game-Sage is a powerful magic-user that channels his powers through trinkets in popular games; dice and cards, to name two. His philosophy is that life is a game, and he seems to appear wherever he can find a good "match", as he calls it. He also tends to speak in the third-person.

Despite his carefree demeanor, the Game-Sage is a benevolent person who will often accomplish feats such as winning big at a casino and donating all the money to charity. Simply by rolling dice the Game-Sage can determine how lucky he will be.


(Official backstory to be written) The origins of the Game-Sage are unknown, even to himself. As he grew older, he discovered both his powers and his fondness for games, which both manifested into the man he currently is.

The Game-Sage's greatest enemy is Gambol, and the two have clashed a great number of times.


A master of showmanship, the Game-Sage is an aggressive "player", but plays with both elegance and magnificence. He loves games of both luck and skill, and enjoys throwing his fate into the wind. He limits his own power usage to channeling it thorugh game-trinkets, even in the face of imminent defeat, but will unleash his full wrath against "cheaters." He is known to be very melodramatic, even during serious moments.


The Game-Sage appears to be human. He wears a black suit with a black vest with coattails. Under his vest is a white shirt and a shining-red tie. He dons a sleek, black top-hat and a flowing black cape that is red on the inside. He has a clean-shaven, curled moustache and goatee, along with a black mask that covers his eyes, which appear to be glowing white.


  • Reality-Bending (Game-Sage is a powerful sorcerer that bends reality using popular game-themed trinkets when he fights)


  • He is also known as the Game-Mage.

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