For the few who know of the existence of the Gate, it is unclear even among them as to what the Gate actually is. In reality, the Gate is a doorway into a spiritual realm, and is the residence of Father, also called the Guardian and the first of The Divine Trinity. The realm behind the Gate is covered in a sea of blood, while darkness surrounds everything. Yet in the center of the darkness dwells a temple, glowing with radiant light.

One can pass through the Gate by committing Thaumaturgy's ultimate taboo- the creation of life, or souls. Yet in passing, something must be sacrificed...

Those who have committed the "taboo", and their retribution

  • Eve - lost her life, in exchange for bringing an infant Ryou back to life.
  • Arbiter - the man who treasured his friends more than anything lost his memories of them. For once tearing countless souls from their bodies, his own soul was shattered.
  • Karma - (To be revealed)
  • Thirteen - (To be revealed)

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