The Hatter is the primary source of all evil in Red's world and a demonic being of unimaginable might, born of the madness that made up the ancient world of Red's reality prior to the rise of the Monarchy and indeed the very essence of that madness he is one of the most terrible beings in creation.

Spoken of only in stories The Hatter was eventually driven from the land by a rebellion sparked by Alice, however such power could never truly be banished and The Hatter would manipulate Red's world in ways unthinkable to many of its inhabitants.

The Hatter's most ingenious plan was formulated in the storyarc "The Court Of The Red Queen" - in which he played a major role in attempting to spark a full-scale war between Red and the Resistance alongside the Dormouse (which is in itself a lesser aspect of his will).

The Hatter works mainly through aspects, the most prominent of which are the Dormouse and Caterpillar, the number of aspects is said to be near infinite and although these lesser demons are a source of continual strife for Wonderland and its allies they are a mixed "blessing" as they keep the Hatter a fractured being.

As madness and destructive chaos spread The Hatter is capable of manifesting and merging with lesser aspects, the ultimate goal of The Hatter is to merge with all of its aspects and become a supreme entity of madness - as it once was in the Distant Past.

Following the events of the "Shift" Wonderland has been annexed into the Realm of Madness and although this has allowed The Hatter to merge with many of its former aspects the entity still wishes to consume more, being more than just a part of Wonderland but also its people the Hatter continues to pursue them across time and space into the "real" world.


The Hatter is an almost omnipotent-level entity of unthinkable evil that surpasses beings such as Misery "tenfold" yet does have certain weaknesses - The Hatter is not merely connected to Red's reality: he *is* Red's reality - at least the dark half of it, making his claims of omnipotence all the more difficult to disprove.


  • despite his immense power The Hatter has fallen prey to Amarok and is not immune to her manipulations or threats : for unknown reasons The Hatter can influence Jack (a feat not even Amarok can achieve).. this puts Hatter and Amarok at a very uneasy "stalemate".


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