"The Absolutes are of the Old Creation - we are of the New.. we will purge your cosmos of the old and begin the cycle of Rebirth.. however for Rebirth to begin there must first be Destruction.. so from the Heavens you shall hear the call: "APOCALYPSE" " ~ The Infinites

The Infinites are a Pantheon of Cosmic Entities that rival the Primordial Ones in scale - separated from the Multiverse for a great many aeons they were able to return in the Distant Future to a world were most of the Multiverse's heroes and villains had died or disappeared.

In their place were the Chosen, beings who the Absolutes empowered and utilized as tools by which to govern the Multiverse - the Hall of the Gods also became active once more as the Council of Godheads were given more authority over the Multiverse, ushering in another Age of The Gods.

Unhappy with how the Absolutes and Council of Godheads were governing the Multiverse the Infinites decided to usurp the Absolutes while also appointing several beings to replace the Council of Godheads.

Although the Infinites never had much contact with the mainstream Multiverse before this point their great power had been seen in "lost pets" such as Esurio, which had escaped the Infinites' native realm and endangered the mainstream universe.


The Infinites had a simple but terrifying goal upon being unleashed into the Multiverse once more, namely the destruction of both the Dark Ones and the Gentle Ones so as to form a new pantheon that would destroy mortal life and enslave all other divinities to their will, guided by the will of the Celestial Tyrant, Esed.


  1. Alerno (the Infinite of Misery) <Alerno utilizes the element of "Misery" to inflict emotional torment on mortal minds>
  2. Arous (the Infinite of Destruction) <Arous utilizes the element of "Destruction" to erase mortal worlds in order to make way for the Infinites' new cosmos>
  3. Fassior (the Infinite of Bliss) <Fassior utilizes the element of "Bliss" to cloud mortal minds and keep them in a state of eternal ignorance to the realities of the cosmos - denying them the chance to grow and flourish>
  4. Emasid (the Infinite of Lust) <Emasid utilizes the element of "Love" to override normal functions in mortal minds, driving them to obsession and deviancy>
  5. Enas (the Infinite of Hate) <Enas utilizes the element of "Hate" to drive mortal minds to acts of aggression and war>
  6. Xyteia (the Infinite of Pain) <Xyteiaa utilizes the element of "Pain" to inflict physical suffering upon mortal worlds>
  7. Usoxyny (the Infinite of Vitality) <Usoxyny utilizes the element of "Vitality" to ensure well-being to those that surrender to the false-gods>
  8. Jotius (the Infinite of Affliction) <Jotius utilizes the element of "Plague" to spread disease and ailment across mortal worlds>
  9. Jorer (the Infinite of Decay) <Jorer utilizes the element of "Decay" to corrupt mortal worlds>
  10. Gaithi (the Infinite of Restoration) <Gaithi utilizes the element of "Restoration" to rebuild worlds in the Infinites' image>
  11. Ceus (the Infinite of Creation) <Ceus utilizes the element of "Creation" to start the process of a new cosmos>
  12. Icho (the Infinite of Fear) <Icho utilizes the element of "Fear" to suppress mortal minds>
  13. Mesti (the Infinite of Valor) <Mesti utilizes the element of "Valor" to install reckless behavior and bravado in mortal minds>
  14. Esed (the Infinite of Tyranny) <despite being made from the element of "Liberty" Esed is its direct opposite and is the ruler of the other Infinites>


being supernatural beings of immense power the Infinites require Aspects to fully interact with the multiverse - these aspects are connected to each Infinite and act as an "anchor" - allowing them to enter our reality.

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