The Mage

The Mage, as shown, having tapped into countless forces of the Multiverse

"Do you hear them? They ring. Every so often, when you're close to that moment, the reverberating sound becomes it's loudest; and you can hear it echo. It's so beautiful, an instrument such as that, to describe you your next point of continuation. ...Bells."

~Stypion, around his transformation to The Mage

The Mage is the main antagonist of the story Dealing Darkness.


The Mage is responsible for all the monsters and demons that plague the planet of Thyria. His goal is to take complete control of the planet and turn into his own personnel domain filled with despair. To exert his power and influence, he seems to have been scouring the lands for said orbs that contain immense power so that he may use their energy to not only conquer the planet, but use it's strength to shapeshift into various forms.

Aside from his obvious lust for power, he's also somewhat violent, causing death wherever he goes, even to go as far as saying that he has killed millions just to get to his goal. In order to ensure his goal to be met, the Mage utilizes every bit of magic he has upon his hands, as such, raising the dead, changing climatic temperatures, and even at attempting to use the Balance and Imbalance to reach Equilibrium, though he himself is not impressed with his results thus far, as Equilibrium is practically impossible. On aspects, the Mage knows a great lot of Cosmology and understands physics on the medieval planet of Thyria.

On many side-notes, the Mage has tapped into many, many forces that work the multiverse, and as such, at some point, became corrupted because of it; thus, his goals are absolute destruction and eventual rebuilding of his planet, with more than just that simple goal in mind.

Thyria: Dealing Darkness

The Mage was first seen crying over a recently 'deceased' friend who was to be buried. As the man struggling in the coffin was trying to get out, the Mage weeped over him. He was later shown to be teamed up with Kaede, of whom told him of a plot to rid the rest of the races of Thyria. Later on, he was shown to be having an executor drown a man, and as well as kill the executioner himself.

Inviting Saizir to come for a feast, he gladly waited, alongside Kaede until Saizir arrived, it was until they ran off, and the Mage began his preperations, bringing back Tsuki, a portion of Tsukinode's power. Once done, Kaede back stabbed the Mage, weakening him.

After Kaede left, the Mage fought Saizir, losing the battle in the end, the Mage slowly vanished, seemingly completely gone. But leaving with cryptics words that he'd return.

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