The Masters are a long-extinct species dating back billions of years, rivalling the Eodians and Terrals in being one of the eldest species in the universe.

Legends speak of The Masters as tall and elegent humanoids with pure black skin, glowing green eyes and skeletal bodies connected to large heads that while looking somewhat malformed where by no means clumsy.

The Masters had no need for clothing and had no visible gender, travelling upon vessels that size of entire planets they died out due to the tragic betrayal known as The Massacre of The Masters: in which they were lured to a small world by a rival faction and infected with a lethal disease that rapidly spread across their entire species, wiping them out in a matter of decades.

Before dying out the last of The Masters gathered the four "Hidden Truths" and had them cast across the universe in order to preserve what was left of its people - then, with its task done, the last of The Masters succumbed to oblivion's embrace..

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