The Multiverse is the setting for the Villains series, containing a vast number of characters, deities, worlds, and a few alternate timelines. It is comprised of a number of different universes and realms, including parallel universes, Heavens, Hells, Limbos, abstract realms, and more.


A single universe is one realm, while a multiverse is a great number of conjoined realms and dimensions. The Omniverse is all multiverses put together, and all reality inside and outside.

The Multiverse that is the setting of the Villains series is actually an intersection of several other multiverses. Most multiverses seem to be ruled by an absolute God, such as the Alpha, the Divine Trinity, or Pandemonium.



Full universes or multiverses.


Kingdoms that reside on alternate planes, often fantastical in nature.


Places of spiritual torment and suffering; the final destination of the damned.


Places of spiritual peace and joy; the final destination of the redeemed.

Other Spiritual Planes

The realms of gods that aren't of a Heaven nor Hell.

Spacetime Abnormalities

Dimensions that, while not spiritual in nature, defy our understanding of the laws of physics.


Technological-realms and cyberspaces.


Alien realms and dimensions that don't fit in any other category.


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