"The Unholy Trinity" is the adversary and mockery of The Divine Trinity, and will serve as the Multiverse's main opponent in Omniwar during the event known as The Apocalypse. It is formed by Lucifer, Drifter, and The Voice.


Despite being cast out of Heaven during The Fall, Lucifer still holds onto his belief that he could control existence better than the Trinity. He believes that the Trinity condones an existence with no purpose, and believes that the only thing worthy to be a purpose in the Multiverse is Hate- basically, to him, all sin and "evil" are the only things that have meaning because they both endure, never grow "timeless", and do not "die" easily like ideas of love and kindness.


A true nihilist at heart, Drifter simply "drifts" across the Multiverse, believing that existence holds no purpose. Much like the proverbial Anti-Christ, Drifter is charismatic, winning people over with his charm. He appears to live life like a hedonist or free-spirit, and appears to manipulate people into slowly destroying themselves without their realizing until it's too late...

The Voice

Among the most reviled of monsters in the Multiverse, The Voice is an ordinary human- unlike Lucifer and Drifter, who both were cast from Heaven. However, the Voice commands an entire universe's worth of an army to make up for it. Cold and distant, the Voice is all about control, oppression, and tyranny; instilling fear into his enemies, and destroying worlds out of pure spite. He has already made himself immortal via technology and cloning, in a way becoming a technological Anti-god.

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