"It is said that the Omniverse is 'All.' All is all we see and don't see, the visible and invisible, both everything and nothing. And then there is 'More.' The All and the More are incompatible, alien to the other, and none can fully transcend between. We who are constrained by the All cannot understand that which is constrained by the More."


The Unknown is a cosmic entity, whose full power and origin are both not known. It is believed to have existed before time and space, and originated beyond the Multiverse. Although it's main essence is imprisoned by the Council of Balance, it's influence still exists in the forms of it's Avatars- beings that it has formed an astral link with. It is confirmed to have god-like sentience.

The Unknown's appears to most inhabitants of the Multiverse as a pale fog, because their minds cannot comprehend it's true appearance.

The Unknown makes it's first appearance in Karma's Tale.

Avatars of the Unknown

The Unknown operates mainly through the use of Avatars- beings that are considered to be a part of itself. Descendants of avatars are considered to be avatars themselves, but function independently.

Name Role Description
Almagest Right-Hand Almagest is one of the few avatars created directly from the Unknown's being.
Nebula Descendant of Almagest As the descendant of Almagest, Nebula has hidden powers related to the Unknown. How this will work out for her has yet to be seen...
Zenith Descendant of Almagest ???
Solstice Descendant of Almagest The daughter of Nova and Almagest. She loves her mother and will do whatever she can to please her, no matter the abuse inflicted on her.
Lucia Matriarch A pious cultist to the Unknown, skilled at gathering devoted followers.
U.N.K.N.O.W.N. Ascended Spirit An ethereal spirit that seeks knowledge to unbind the Unknown from its prison. To any extent for knowledge it will go, it seems to have a hidden agenda.
Haruspex Diviner ???
Sotiris Hero ???
Isaiah Son of ??? The twin son of Karma and ???
Diana Daughter of ??? The twin daughter of Karma and ???

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