Theater Of War is a society of former dictators and warlords who have been kicked out of their home nations by revolution, heroic intervention or simply the passing of time - they have evaded the wrath of their people and the courts but yearn for the days when they welded unlimited power and thus they unite under the leadership of the Supreme General to plan ways to get back the power they lost and cause trouble for all democratic nations and worlds.

Unsurprisingly this organisation is prone to in-fighting and many of its members fall victim to the wrath of other members - backstabbing and cut-throat tactics are all in a days work for these former dictators and petty tyrants and membership is rarely permanent: the only thing keeping this villains together as a group is their continued hatred for all things democratic and the dream of some day returning to their former glory.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe

The Theater Of War will play a major role in Broken Wings.

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