Thedius was a Valkyrie in the service of Oberon and played a rather antagonistic role in the storyarc "Brother's Keeper" - however he was deceptive as he was actually a protagonist, albeit extremely dislikable due to his intolerance and fanatical devotion to Oberon.

Thedius came into conflict with Arbiter and Drasocon due to his behavior as well as Equis, however Oberon knew how to calm the Valkyrie and did so on a few occassions - not wishing to start needless bloodshed: however when Oberon died of an induced heart-attack by Equinox's evil magic Thedius' true nature was revealed.

Thedius mourned the death of Oberon and began to blame Arbiter and Drasocon - cursing the "outsiders" only to tragically die as he too succumbed to the heart-stopping curse.

Thedius was buried beside Oberon in the palace grounds of Avalon as a sign of respect by Inferno and Equis for the Valkyrie who had defended his master to the end..


Thedius was a Valkyrie described by Equis himself as "not of this world" - alongside Oberon he had divine magic and properties far beyond those of other Valkyrie and this was attributed largely to his service to the ways of Oberon.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Winged Flight
  • Master of Combat
  • Arcane Affinity
  • Divine Magic

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