Thelema is a witch that lives in the dimension named Spirele, with her power, she created the world and allowed many to live there. After a while, she became overcome by her inner demons and began evil deeds. One of her few most notable traits, (Besides her blue skin) is the fact that she rhymes ever single time she talks. She has also been noted to have a sister, whom has not yet been seen.


Thelema seems to have a very random sporadic personality that will change at any moment, from happiness to anger. She also tends to rhyme even when she is upset or in a happy mood. But she also tends to think ahead greatly, and as well, tends to be destructive, even to the point of destroying her own castle just so she could have the chance at killing Ruichi.


Thelema first appears in Venificus, as the main villains, she starts out with asking her trusted assistant, Colpire, on the whereabouts of the most beautiful soul, that ends out to be Nebula, and in a fit of rage, she takes off to kidnap her.

Ripping a hole through space, Thelema kidnaps Nebula right in front of Ruichi, and even to the point of taunting him as she escapes with Nebula. Later on, she is seen beating Nebula as well as hurting her emotionally, telling that Ruichi will die and be slaughtered. Later on, when Ruichi saves Nebula, Thelema, showing her cowardice, yet brains at the same time, takes toward the roof, where she waits for Ruichi.

When he begins to take too long, she begins to blast Spirele to bits with her magic, burning down trees and making craters with some of her magic. Eventually, gaining Ruichi's attention and engaging him in a fight, where she eventually kidnaps Nebula a second time, attempting to kill her right away, to which Ruichi saves her.

In the end, Ruichi, using some of the Dark Ruichi's power, knocks Thelema off her roof, blasting her down to the ground, she falls and lands, creating a large crater, her roof then follows, as it was the only part of her castle left, and smashes her underneath the ground. She is heard giving a final speech of rhymes, seemingly still alive even after such an ordeal.

Arrival of the Second

Thelema returns to once again for revenge, this time instead kidnapping Ruichi.


Thelema, interestingly, is a religion that began in the 19th century (I had no idea. ~Secret)

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