Theodore Kirk was the ruler of Utopia, a sanctuary set up for superhuman beings after the events of Warcry - he was known by many superhumans as one of the most powerful superhumans native to Earth due to his mastery of the incredibly rare superhuman power known as bio-control.

However despite his power and popularity amongst superhumans Kirk was actually a very poor leader and when ISDF attacked Utopia as part of their Cyclone "training" project he abandoned his own people, allow the terrorist organizition known as The Surge to run rampant.

Kirk would try to flee to a remote island, far away from the conflict but was killed by Hubris before he could do so - who snapped Kirk's neck with a single motion in vengeance for his betrayal of his own people.

Powers / Abilities

  • Bio-Control (the ability to command the biological world, a character with Bio-Control gains the ability to reshape organic structures to his or her will, command animals, insects and even plant-life to do as they command and merge with any living thing - the extent of Bio-Control is almost limitless as the building blocks of life are now playthings to the user. However Kirk was not invincible and could not undo the damage of having his own neck broken, which killed him instantly)

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