Thirteen is a Terral bioengineered by Malovus in his third series of bioweapons. Like all of Malovus' third series creations, Thirteen was created by imprinting a DNA sample into a "Puppet:" a lifeless, organic, humanoid mannequin invented by Malovus that could be developed into a living clone. Thirteen's DNA sample was taken from Arbiter during the events of Judge and Executioner, and modified to fit onto the Puppet. Malovus had hoped to create a weapon with the power of Balance- however, Thirteen was only capable of utilizing the power of Chaos. Regardless, until Thirteen's rebellion, Malovus considered him his most capable servant.

Thirteen's rebellion spurred Malovus into creating Fourteen, improving on Thirteen's flaws and molding it in a way that denied it any semblance of free will.


Thirteen initially tends to act mostly on impulse, having little experience with the difference between "right" and "wrong". Thirteen also tends to be overconfident, often appearing to have a bit of an ego, though his overconfidence comes from knowing that he is powerful. Thirteen also tends to do what is "logical", regardless of what is "moral".

In time, Thirteen slowly learns how to become more "human".


  • Superhuman Strength (Thirteen, reborn to be the ultimate bioweapon, is superhumanly powerful, able to run and climb up walls, smash through concrete, and leap great distances.)
  • Thaumaturgy (Thirteen carries a gauntlet with specific rune circles inscribed on it, which can grant a variety of effects, such as but not limited to, terraforming earth in small amounts, expelling flames, or increasing the force of his own attacks. His knowledge of thaumaturgy is proficient enough for him to draw any circle he may need that his gauntlet lacks.)
  • Cyborg Eye (Thirteen has a mechanical eye that gives him telescopic vision, night vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, and an increased ability to analyze things.)
  • Archic Magic (Thirteen can use some Archic magics)
  • Chaos (Thirteen is capable of tapping into the energies of Chaos.)


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