Thomas Silk was a major protagonist in the "Message In A Bottle" storyarc and one of the Merfolk - though he had just begun the process of transformation and thus had much to learn about himself and his rich heritage.

Thomas was tragically orphaned when he was very young, his human father having drowned at sea and his Selkie mother having been killed by poachers when she was in her seal-form - he was raised by an elderly woman who was actually his Selkie grandmother in disguise (who had decided to take the role of mother to Thomas in place of her departed daughter).

Thomas's childhood was a pleasant one and although some tried to make fun of him and his "island" ways he was never discouraged - he was always fascinated by the ocean and his grandmother's tales of Hildaland and the great Seal Maiden.. little would he imagine that on the eve of his sixteenth birthday his grandmother's tales would come to life as his otherworldly heritage began to finally manifest..