Thor is a male Valkyrie who was rough ages with the late Inferno Pendragon, his story is one of tragic betrayal and cruelty - a stark reminder of the evils brought upon Avalon by Equinox and other madmen and women.


A Mother's Love

King of Kings


The Last Crusade

Fall of Avalon II - Rise of The Misery-Flight

Sibling Rivalry

Powers / Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength (Thor is immensely strong - capable of lifting around 100 tons at peak potential)
  • Master of Combat (Thor is a master of unarmed combat as well as basic weapon skills (he is most efficient at the sword) )
  • Arcane Affinity (Thor has an affinity with the arcane, making mystical attacks and curses much less potent against him and also allowing him to sense certain supernatural forces such as laylines and "other realms")
  • Winged-Flight (like all Valkyrie Thor possesses powerful wings which can be used to fly)
  • Invulnerability (as a Valkyrie Thor is at least as durable as a full-grown Pegacorn, if not slightly more)
  • Swordsman (unlike most "Thor" characters this Valkyrie warrior does not utilize a hammer, instead he is a master of many different swords - his most common sword is an elaborate battle-sword shaped like a Chinese Dragon)


  • Thor is named after a Norse god, this is common for all Valkyrie in Avalon - however he is not the only being named Thor in the Villains mythology: since the Norse gods are real beings and exist in the of The Gods Hall of The Gods there is also a Villain version of Thor, god of thunder (though he is rarely seen).
  • Thor has not ever fought the Valkyrie named Loki, who is also named after a Norse god - the trickster-god Loki also exists but will appear very rarely in Villains mythology.
  • both DC and Marvel comics have characters named Thor, however they have no relation to either this character nor the god of myth.

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