Thought-Forms are beings that are not physically "alive" but rather created from the thoughts, emotions or energies of living beings or abstract forces and (in some cases) magic.

Thought-Forms come in many forms but the most well-known are as follows:


Abstracts are non-physical beings that represent primal forces beyond the understanding of mortals or gods, they are often amongst the most powerful of entities are may be Constructs or Shades of "Supreme Beings" or universes: suggesting that the cosmos has much more awareness than many would first believe.


"Toons" are thought-forms caused by multiple people believing strong enough in a fictional character, often drawn by hand, normally seen as little more than "cartoons" these beings may become sentient over time and depend upon memories in order to exist: when a "toon" is forgotten or no longer popular in the public psyche they are doomed to obscurity and enter what is known as the Land Of Nowhere.


Constructs are the most basic of thought-forms and, if truth be told, barely count as they lack true sentience - being mere extensions of powerful psychics or magicians: however in time these "astral-forms" may slowly start to gain greater awareness and may ultimately break away from their physical selves to start their own existence as "Shades".


Shades are former Constructs that have gained independence from their physical form, yet just like Constructs they are little more than extensions of another life-form: often a Shade shares a link with their creator and when the creator dies so too will the Shade.


Avatars are the result of powerful beings having lost their physical form, often appearing to have "died" but in reality living on in higher planes of existence such as the astral plane or some other outer-realm: often confused with ghosts or other undead Avatars are not truly undead at all as they never truly "died" to begin with. Avatars often seek to return to their former existence and may do so via possessing the living, some Avatars may even go as far as seeing everything as an illusion and grow frustated with their seemingly eternal state of limbo.


Secrets are the embodiments of the thoughts of Tsukinode, each given one certain ability to dominate over a certain domain, such as Order uses the power of Order within the multiverse, or Life, holding up the constructs of life itself at it's command. Secrets each wear a cloak of certain color to describe what power they have imbued, examples such as Death has a black cloak, or Luck having a green cloak. Each one of the Secrets act as a being of themself, and are considered seperate entities from Tsukinode, who created them with his thoughts.