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It started simply with a grey cloaked being, whose skeletal hands created the rough earth that we tread upon. With his left hand, he created shells of creatures and plants, and with his right hand, he took his own spiritual energy and poured life into them, making them animate. And with his staff that he held before himself, he gave the planet protection from destruction.

Leaving us, he made sure that we would be taken care of, even if he could not do so himself. But his last imparted words told us what to call our home, he told us to remember it well, for it keeps us united. Thyria. A planet brimming with life...

Chapter I

"Saizir!! Wake up!!" Was the shrill voice that woke said teen from a peaceful slumber in what could be considered the late afternoon, due to the Glowerorbs beginning to shut.

"What is it, Dahlia? I'm trying to get some shut eye before I have to get back to work." Saizir bit back, Dahlia's voice always annoyed him, she was loud, obnoxious, and very demanding.

Saizir sat up to look at Dahlia, who was dressed in all purple, that certainly was new considering the fact her skin and hair was purple too, even her eyes were purple.

Dahlia smiled, "You're being lazy again, I just thought I should wake you up."

"You'd wake me up before I could even hear you, with they way you're dressed." Saizir sighed, yawning only moments after.

"You're one to talk Mr. Doom and Gloom, you always wear those black pants, and the black shirt. I will say, it clashes with your somewhat unruly grey hair." Dahlia smirked, "I remember the first day I saw you from behind, I thought you were an old man. Especially if you look into your grey eyes..."

"Ha, ha. Very funny." Saizir muttered, left eyebrow raised in curiosity, she still perplexed him to no end. He didn't know what to think of Dahlia, since her personality was so spontaneous, it was hard to understand her sometimes. He hardly knew her when they grew up, as they were seperated in the orphanage until they became teens later on.

She was, as most of the other girls said, an enigma. She had no lineage that anyone could trace back to, no known relatives, and the way she looked was odd compared to the everyday Thyrian. Seriously, purple skin, what madman had been up awake at night creating her?

But nonetheless, she was still his friend, and he wouldn't make fun of her for the way she looked or how she acted. It seperated her from the rest of the crowd, so much so that was what attracted him to her.

Dahlia's fingers snapped in front of his face, "Wake up, you're daydreaming again."

"There's no law saying I can't daydream is there?"

"Yes, there is one, it's called Dahlia's Law, and it's active when you are in her magnificent presence." Dahlia emphasized by fluttering her fingers around herself, as if spreading some magic powder upon herself.

"Yeah, 'magnificent' is the word." Saizir rolled his eyes.

"By the way, there's been some news that's been troubling me." Dahlia's expression became dark.

"And that'd be?"

"The attacks upon some of the nearby towns, I heard one was completely decimated, no survivors. Some survivors from one of the other towns said they were black creatures, with yellow eyes, and they violently kill anyone they get near. What if they come here...?" Dahlia questioned, a fearful expression marring her visage.

"I doubt we'll get attacked, those were bigger places. This is a village, not one of those big, bustling towns. We're so small on the map that we don't even have a name or marker." Saizir assured. "So Mrs. Doom and Gloom, don't worry about it."

It seemed that it struck a vein as Dahlia turned around, folding her arms, "Fine. But if we get attacked, I'm not going to be the one to save your sorry butt."

"Yeah, whatever."

"You better get up soon, before you get yelled at." Dahlia added.

"You mean by a purple woman who won't let me rest for even a few hours?" It was Saizir's turn to smirk, to which he got a laugh from Dahlia.

"Yes. She must be a very mean person sometimes." Dahlia began to walk away, back to a small brown building.

With that, Saizir dozed off once more.

Screams were filling the air.

That was what woke Saizir from his peaceful slumber.

He swiftly sat up, surprised at what was occuring, buildings were on fire.

People were running left and right, out into the forests, as flames licked the air, as houses began to crumble.

Saizir stood up, running toward the destruction, his first thoughts were placed upon Dahlia, wherever she may be. He watched as the orphanage crumbled, hardly standing on it's roof now, the building smoldering in flames and whatever ashes had been created from intense heat. From within the building, he heard screams, but they died down just as quickly as the flames ate the building, and the roof crumbled alongside.

Saizir stared at what was his home for a few moments before turning his back on it, as if to imagine it was still there. There and then, he found himself facing a small black creature with yellow eyes, it looked as if it were connected to the ground, so it didn't seem as if it could jump. It stared at Saizir with its large eyes, as if scanning him to see if he were a threat.

Then, suddenly, it lurched forward with it's arm to attack, and Saizir jumped back in fear of getting even a little scratch. Looking around, Saizir saw a branch that had fallen from a nearby tree, and he picked it up, turning around just in time to whack it across the head with the branch. Knocking it away, but it got up at an instant, and charged him.

Preparing another swing, he hit it again, and thus knocked it down once more. With the branch he proceeded to beat it until it showed no life left in it. He dropped the branch, sweating a little from the fear and the short battle he had with the creature.

"Dahlia?!" Saizir yelled, He knew she was alive, it was still night time, she would not be in the orphange. She would be busy, since she normally slept during the day, and did what she was told to do at night, namely, gather wood for the orphanage or work at the midnight marketplace. He bet on the marketplace this night.

He continued past burning buildings and crumbled cottages, heading to the main part of town, where the marketplace was.

What he saw astounded him.

Dahlia stood before a man with pale white skin, who wore a purple kimono-esque outfit, and had long black hair. Behind him was an army of the black monsters, all eyes radiating upon Dahlia.

"Dear child, you cannot defy me." The man's voice was oddly chrarismatic, the lilt within seemed irresistable, this freak could talk anyone into anything, save for Dahlia.

"Why would I want to go with you? Weirdos aren't my type. For the fifth time, who are you and why are you here?" Dahlia stomped her foot for an added measure.

"Names aren't important. What is important is taking what I desire. And you seem like the one that can do that. You are not a normal Thyrian, much like myself, you seem to have a certain aura about you." The man took a few steps forward, Dahlia mirrored the gesture, not backing down from this man who stood before her.

"I can see you do not fear me, not on the outside at least." The man said.

"I do fear you, I fear your army behind you too. But I'm not going to back down. I could just run and I'm sure you'd send them after me. Not too much of a point." Dahlia asserted, Saizir finally had it as he ran up.

"Dahlia, get out of here. You don't need to do this." Said Saizir.

"But Saizir-" Dahlia was about to speak, until she was interrupted.

"No. Run. Hide. I was always best at Hide-And-Seek when we were kids anyways, remember?" Saizir smiled when he turned to Dahlia, "I'll find you no matter where you go. So run!"

Dahlia was about to say something else, but decided against it, she turned around and ran past some of the houses and out into the forest.

"So, little boy, you choose to intervene?" The man spoke calmly, as if not bothered by losing Dahlia. "You know she will still get caught. She stands no chance, just like you don't stand a chance against me."

"Doesn't mean I can't try to hold you up." Saizir shrugged, entering a fighting stance.

"Righteous indignation gets one killed." The man stated rather boredly, the lilt having all but vanished in his voice, his tongue began to loll out of his mouth, slithering its way through the air. The man then pointed to the woods, and all the creatures took off past Saizir, who tried to stop a few, but came out fruitless in his endeavors.

"My boy, are you prepared?" The words were distorted due to the tongue, but was still quite decipherable.

Saizir stood his ground, to which the man laughed, as he slowly approached, tongue lashed out a few times, yet did not have the ability to grab Saizir, who jumped back each time.

"What do you want with Dahlia?!" Saizir demanded.

"You'll know soon enough." The tongue retracted back into the mouth, as the strange man vanished, but was suddenly next to Saizir, who then got backhanded.

Saizir skidded across the ground, but scuttled back up to stand, a red mark on his cheek. The man once more walked in his direction, a sweet smile plastered upon a rather sickly face. And suddenly, he was gone.

Saizir looked in every direction quickly, finding the man nowhere. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his ankle from the ground, and the next thing Saizir knew, he was being flown through the air, high above the village by the ankle. Psychotic laughter could be heard from the sickly weirdo who had begun the fight, to Saizir, he knew it was one sided.

This man was too powerful.

Saizir found himself falling to the ground suddenly, and the next thing he knew, the earth met with his face, then total blackness...

Chapter II

When Saizir awoke, he found himself in a bed, all patched up from the fight with the sickly man. He groaned slightly as he rubbed his head, he looked at his surroundings. He was certainly not in his home village, he has been in every house in his village, and they certainly did not have pictures of large golden arches or weapons that hung on the walls.

He soon found himself face-to-face with an elderly woman, who had a cane in hand.

Surprised, he backed up and hit the headboard of the bed, "Ow.."

The old woman chuckled, "You must be easily surprised."

"Not normally..." Saizir groaned, "I just didn't see you there for a second."

"Is that so?" The elderly woman questioned, "Would you like to explain to me why I found you out in the middle of a destroyed village?"

It was a simple question, "Well, I tried defending a friend, and the place was getting run down by black creatures. And some... Guy with some odd sense of clothing, was leading them. He had all this pale skin, as if he were sick. He beat me down easily."

"Ah... As I thought." The old woman muttered.

"You know something?! Tell me. I need to know who that man was!" Saizir demanded.

The old woman sighed, "You're home got attacked by Kaede the Time-Traveler. The black creatures you saw were demons of a being who lives beyond our own planet." The old woman stated, "They will obey Kaede as long as he's here."

"So his name is Kaede. And he's a-"

"Time-Traveler. He uses time itself to fight off his enemies." The old woman asserted, "He and I have only fought once, though neither of us could land a hit on the other."

Saizir stared at the old woman, disbelief etched his features, how could an old woman fight on par with a man that could fly, had some long tongue and could control time itself?! Impossible.

"Do not allow looks to deceive you. I am quite powerful." The old woman stated, "My name is Chu-ya, and if you desire to continue to protect the friend you spoke of, then allow me to train you in the art of fighting."

Saizir only nodded, to protect Dahlia was his desire.

"Very well then. I warn you, it shall not be easy." Chu-ya explained, "It shall be hard, it shall be rough. I trust to not back off. To not run from this. If it such that you cannot handle, then we'll try again. It is the only way."

Saizir nodded, "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to save Dahlia."

"Very well."

The Very Next Day...

Chu-ya stood before Saizir outside her little house upon the Demonfang Mountains. Chu-ya rapped her cane upon the dusty ground, "I shall teach you how to fight. But first, I must see your skill as of now."

"You mean-"

"I want you to attack me."

"You want me to attack you? An-" Saizir was cut off.

"Old lady? Do not allow looks to deceive you." The old woman stated, the same simple words from yesterday.

Saizir still had a doubtful look, as he decided to throw a punch straight as her face. In that instant, Chu-ya blocked the attack with her cane. She backflipped over Saizir, and then landed, sweeping his feet out from under him, Saizir found her cane on his chest.

"It shall be much harder than this. Are you sure you wish to continue?"  Chu-ya questioned.

"...I believe I can continue, so I can save Dahlia." Saizir's eyes hardened.

"Then be prepared." She allowed the teenager to stand.

"Let us continue..."

Two Years Later...

Saizir had been traveling for a while now, his training having long past. He gained a few new abilities, and was overjoyed at the fact that Kaede had not found Dahlia, or at least he hoped so, since there were still attacks from the same demons. His goal was Dahlia, wasn't it? When she confronted him, and when Saizir fought against Kaede, the demons had chased Dahlia.

And yet, they were still running about, what for, Kaede plainly stated he wanted Dahlia, but if he did not get her, that must have meant she was safe, right?

Saizir sighed, Chu-ya went hard on him, his practice paid off though, he had attained a power named the Balance. Though she herself told him to be careful with the ability, because he wasn't as she clearly stated, "The right container for such a power." But nevertheless, she taught him how to use his abilities, and honed his own skills alongside.

And now here he was, walking along a dirt road, wearing his usual black outfit. He sighed, this was going to be tough, a challenge beyond his regular comprehension. What had Kaede needed Dahlia for? What was the purpose of needing her?

He hoped it wasn't to sacrifice to some demon, Thyria was already in enough turmoil as it is now. Nazlar were as of now trying to force their beliefs upon the rest of the planet. And to mix this all in, Kaede was raiding towns and villages. For what purpose though, and how did he gain a large army of dark, murderous creatures?

So many questions...

"What am I going to-" Saizir was cut off a he accidentally bumped into someone, he fell over, but quickly got to his feet. "Sorry..."

The other person nodded, having already stood up, "It is quite all right, young man." The other peron wore a grey cloak, orange lining about the edges.

"I should be more careful." Saizir rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, one must always be aware of their surroundings... Lest they die a swift death. Especially on Thyria." The small man warned, "But enough about that, I've got a few things on my hands, items and artifacts... Would you enjoy taking a peek?"

"Um... No thanks. I don't need more than I can carry..."

"Are you positve? I've got anything your heart could desire."

"I'm sorry." Saizir repeated, "I just can't."

"Hm... How about a fortune? I can see the future, maybe you'd like that?" The short merchant questioned.

"No thanks. I've really got to get going. Thank you for the offer though..." Saizir began to walk down the dirt path, the grey cloaked man watched as he continued on.

"Damn..." The grey cloaked man muttered, "Why are you scared of a kid as simple as this Zied?" The man muttered as he vanished in a flash of light.

Saizir turned around to see that the merchant/fortune teller was gone, he shook his head, "That person had different intentions. I'm sure of it..." Saizir thought to himself of who that person was, could it have been Kaede? No, Kaede was taller and had that lilt in his voice that would have made the thought of buying something irresistable.

Saizir sighed, if he weren't more careful, he'd have more run-ins just like that, and not all are nice. Some are dangerous and can lead to certain death.

It took about an hour, but he soon found himself in the middle of the ruins of a destroyed town, bones littered the ground and skeletons were black from being burnt. Ashes were scattered about the buildings, there was nothing more ruined remains of houses that once stood proudly.

Saizir looked about, for any survivors, only to still find skeletons and nothing other than just that.

Saizir sighed, saddened by the destruction of his own kind. Kaede seemed to leave no survivors.

"How nice of you to join us, my dear boy..." A silky voice spoke aloud.

Saizir turned around to face Kaede, a few skeletons behind him, holding axes and swords.

Saizir took a step back, smirking slightly, "I'm not going to go down so easy like before."

"Is that so...?" Kaede gestured the skeletons forward, "Kill him." Kaede took a few steps back to watch the fight. "Entertain me."

The skeletons all came at once, and Saizir used a simple Chaos burst to knock the skeletons away, the bones all rattled upon landing and weapons dropped to the ground, clattering of metal.

"I'm not going to be fighting those, you're the one I'm after." Saizir glared.

Kaede smiled, "You, my dear boy, intrigue me to no end. To challenge me now? I hope you can keep up..."

Kaede opened his mouth wide, then lurched forward, spiders began to crawl out of his mouth. Landing on the ground, they scuttled about him, some crawling back up upon his shoulders. More spiders issued forth from Kaede's mouth, and soon, Saizir found himself against a large mass of spiders. Up to Kaede's waist were spiders, and many still were scuttling about, some approaching Saizir.

Kaede, the Time Traveler

"Sounds interesting..." Kaede muttered incoherently, "Yes..."

Saizir took a few steps to the side, brandishing his sword he had strapped to his back. He kept his focus on Kaede, who had seemingly allowed his arms to go limp, dangling like wires off a telephone pole. Saizir jumped back as he took notice to many more spiders suddenly appearing, as if from nowhere.

Distortions of space and the spiders revealing told him what was occuring, Chu-ya had explained some of Kaede's abilities, and one was to send things back and forth through time.

He was grabbing different spiders from different time periods! And some were rather large, one as big as Chu-ya's house, to the tiny ones that had ushered forth from Kaede's mouth. All the spiders charged forth, save for the ones surrounding Kaede.

Saizir cut through the closest ones first, rainbows of different colord blood and poisons ushered forth as he sliced at as many spiders as he could. He was easily holding up, but the use of energy slowly began to take its toll.

Kaede smirked, "What a boy..." He muttered, as he spat out a small black spider straight for Saizir's neck. Though in that moment, Saizir used more Chaos energy to force all the spiders back, killing some if not many.

Saizir felt a great disturbance, and looked up, seeing more spatial distrotion with time.

"Get smashed, just like that!" Kaede practically yelled as a giant spider came falling down upon the ground. Saizir barely managed to escape, rolling out of the way, he sent out Chaos bursts to knock the giant spider away.

"What a strange child..." Kaede flew out of his protectioncreated by the tiny black spiders, and flew at Saizir, a punch prepared to make a good hit. Saizir though, barely dodged, as Kaede flew and turned around in the air, barreling toward him once more.

Saizir took a good punch to the face, slamming into the ground, he stumbled getting up, finding a few spiders almost getting the chance of biting him. that, he would not allow, as he swung against each one, making sure none landed a single bite upon him.

Saizir smirked, he gathered a large portion of Order energy, formed it into an orb, and shot it straight at Kaede, who was just about to slam another punch. The orb hit directly in the face, exploding into Chaos energy, of which he had filled it with.

Kaede was sent flying, landing on a bed of small black spiders, he got up simply, laughing the whole way through. "Wonderful!! Show me a good time..." Was the next words uttered from Kaede, "And hurry, or else Dahlia is mine..."

Those words made Saizir angry, hatred boiled in his veins the minute Kaede said her name.

"Don't you ever say her name again! I'm the one who's going to save her from you, you sick bastard!" Chaos energy shot forth at Kaede, who merely moved out of the way of each strike attempted.

"I swear, this boy..." Kaede licked the air, smirking.

Saizir charged Kaede, who laughed maniacally at the rash attempt, and then backhanded Saizir the minute the kid got near. Saizir rolled down upon the ground, damaged, hurt, bleeding. He got up though, and created a massive orb of Chaos, much larger than a house.

Kaede looked upon the orb, smirking at Saizir next, "That's pretty dangerous..."

"DIE!!" Saizir's eyes turned black as he launched the orb and lost consciousness. An orb of purple energy surrounded him, and Saizir's body soon vanished.

The orb launched at Kaede, he continued smirking, "You've done better than I expected..." And with that, Kaede took the orb's attack, the whole area became a large crater, a giant hole created by the orb. Kaede was sprawled upon the ground, as if he were dead. Though his laughter was heard...

Chapter III

"...ak... ...p..." Saizir's mind was clouded, he was only somewhat conscious.

"...Wake... up..." The words were stated once more.

Saizir's eyes fluttered open, he sat up groggily and looked around. He found himself to be in a rather strange place, a large hourglass stood on top of a lake, and the lake was surrounded by a rather small landmass, a bridge connecting the hourglass to the landmass. This landmass was a tiled floor, which Saizir was upon, he looked at the clear water, it was as if touched by the goddess Daille's hands. There were two exits on opposite ends, both faced the large hourglass.

"Good. You are awake." A voice said.

"Who...? Who's there?" Siazir questioned, stumbling, he was able to stand.

"A manifestation of Thyria itself, I shall be your guide. After you got hurt by Kaede, I brought you here, though it is depressing news enough that he is alive." The manifestation's voice echoed throuout the room.

"Wait a minute, you're the planet's consciousness?"

"Indeed. I shall assist you here, throughout the Water's Keep. My home and my only hope of keeping myself away from Kaede."  The voice explained, estranged by making two voices at the same time yet different tone and pitch.

Saizir nodded, his black eyes adjusted slightly to the bright colors of the room, which were oranges, reds and yellows. "Where would I start?"

"That all depends upon you."

"I see."

Saizir began to walk toward the eastern door, pushing it open, he found a room with large black and white tiles, there was a small switch at the other end of the room, in which he'd have to press, as he was informed.

As Saizir approached the large tiled fllor, a wall shot up, blocking the way. Saizir gathered Chaos energy and shot at the wall, but nothing happened.

"You have to get through with only your wit and mind." The disembodied voice explained. "Much like how you displayed yourself in your fight with Kaede, I can only bring those here if I can deem them worthy."

Saizir nodded, as he walked around the wall,as he walked forth, he got blocked by another wall, and had to turn around. Starting over, Saizir took another path, being blocked once more, but turned to go down a new path that had not been taken.

With endless walls and blocking passages, it simply began to take its toll on Saizir's already Chaotic mind. He sighed, growing angry with the blocking passages, it was as if this had no end and the disembodied voice was just going to let him suffer by not speaking at all.

It was suddenly that Saizir noticed that one wall went down when he stopped walking, and there was the switch, simple enough now.

Walking toward it, he sighed, it was bothering enough, this place was very different from the outside Thyria. It was completely wonderous, and seemed to have been one of the few places not disturbed by Kaede or the Nazlar.

He pressed the switch, and all the walls went down, there was a loud crash in the other room, and Saizir then ran to see what had happened. When he got out, the large hourglass was no cracked, it had not broken, but it was damaged quite badly. What could have happened?

"Continue into the other room."

Saizir did as ordered, he walked to the other door, and entered it. There were a large amount of spiders in the room, all of them blocking a certain switch at the other end of the room.

Saizir shook his head, "Not again, tired of spiders..." He sheathed his sword and jumped into the fray, fighting off and killing spiders one by one. To say the least, this was easier than the walls thta kept popping out of the ground, mocking him with their smooth surfaces.

This was easier, hands on approach that he could simply deal with. And he finished the job swiftly, and pressed the next switch. an even louder crash was heard outside, and Saizir left the room to see what had occured.

The hourglass had been shattered, revealing a large hole underneath it. Saizir got onto the bridge and walked down until he could peer down into the hole of the hourglass. There was another tiled floor, and another door. He jumped down, landing before the door, he opened it and walked in. He found a large throne room, and in the middle was a large, ringed staff.

"Please take the staff, be careful when you first touch it." The voice stated.

Saizir approached the staff, he stretched his hand out and barely touched it when he found himself being assaulted by visions, some of a large grey cloaked being, an angel with rainbow hair, a black demon, and a purple cloaked figure. A large headache soon found its way to Saizir, who held his head in one hand and then the other took the staff from its resting place.

"Very good. You've been deemed worthy by a shadow of the original owner's power. Be wary, it is a powerful item that must be handled carefully." The voice explained, "And now, gather energy at the tip of the staff, and destroy the throne."

Saizir didn't understand, but he channeled Chaos energy through, and an orb appeared at the end of the staff, which shot out and destroyed the throne.

"Continue forth, you will find what you desire further down."

Saizir decided to continue, and soon found himself in a large room, there were decorations on the wall, a light seeped down into the room, and there were inscriptions all over the wall. But nothing interested him save for a girl donned in a large purple dress.

"To think that after two years had passed, that you'd be able to still find me, though with a little help from me." Her back was turned, she had not moved an inch. Her voice was the same, as if she hadn't changed at all. "On that night, years ago, I ran..."

"I ran as fast as I could..."

Dahlia ran down the forest, panting as she continued, she heard the demons' cries as they chased after her. she tripped over a root of a tree, but scuttled to her feet and continued running. She was fearful, for many things, for Saizir, for herself, for her home. But now she had to run.

A few demons caught up with her, scratching her to slow her down, and she kicked them away, they were the smaller ones anyway. Daille forbid that she had to fight one of those.

she came across a river and followed it to where it became a waterfall, she cried, it was either jump or get caught. Both were a tough decision, but when one of the large demons appeared, she mustered all courage and jumped, landing in the water, she swam down the river, and lost the demons.

She washed up a little later, at the feet of girl, who's hair was rainbow.

"Dear child, what are you doing out here, all soaking wet?" The girl questioned.

"Saizir.... Village..." She blacked out.

"I was helped by a girl around our age, she took me here, and told me what I was, and what I should do. And I agreed." Dahlia turned around, "Saizir, I am sorry for putting you through such trouble. It has been my fault from the beginning."

"No, it hasn't, it's been Kae-"

"No. It's not his either. He just has the desire to take me, because he knows I am what I am..." She paused, "I am Thyria, the consciousness of the planet itself. Thyria is my true name, Dahlia was my birth name. I was brought into this world to perform a duty, a simple one. Lead one to the Staff of Seya, and I performed it perfectly. My job is done... But I have one last request..."

"You... What?" Saizir's black eyes widened, sweat rolled down the side of his face.

"Kill me, Saizir."

"WHAT?! KILL YOU?!" Saizir yelled, Chaos threatening to lose control once more.

"Indeed. Can you not allow one last request go incompleted?" Dahlia pushed.

"I've looked for you for two years, hoping you'd be okay, hoping that you'd be safe and that we could find some place to live together, but now... You want me to KILL you...?"

"Yes, or else Kaede will get here soon enough. It is imperative to protect me, even if it means killing me so Kaede does not capture me." Dahlia stated.

"I can't. I won't..."

"Very well... You leave me with no choice..." Dahlia raised her arms and a pink sword formed in her left hand, and in her right hand, a pink shield. "I shall force you to kill me."

Exits became blocked by a purple energy, and Dahlia had a pink aura begin to surround her.

Chapter IV

The Planet's Consciousness

Saizir placed the staff upon the ground, it stood straight.

"You must kill me with that... If you don't Kaede will win..." Dahlia stated.

"No..." Was Saizir's only reply. Dahlia shook her head.

"Protect yourself, Saizir." Dahlia threatened, before she ran at him blindly, placing swift jabs at him with her sword, though he dodges each strike, it was easily becoming increasingly difficult to dodge each move. It was as if she practiced sword fighting all her life, her attacks were a wondrous flurry of moves, beauty could be captured in each strike.

Saizir jumped back, Dahlia having overwhelmed him simply in swordplay. He couldn't believe it, Dahlia was attacking him. And she was a skilled swordswoman.

"Dahlia, please... Stop this..." Saizir pleaded.

"I'm sorry." She merely replied as she charged once more, twirling in a quick pace, Saizir barely holding up against the strong attacks of the clash of swords. Saizir concentrated, hard, bringing only a small amount of Order to imbue with the sword. Dahlia continued her onslaught as Saizir blocked each move, he then kicked forward, hitting Dahlia square in the stomach, knocking her back.

Saizir flinched when she fell down, skidding a bit back. He hated having to hit Dahlia like that, but she stood up as if not damaged.

Dahlia stood where she was, throwing her sword in the air, the pink aura surrounded the sword completely. It became animate, floating in the air, it floated to Saizir and engaged in a fight. Saizir blocked each strike, while forming an orb of Chaos, which he shot at the sword knocking it down, the pink aura vanished.

Dahlia stood there, dropping her shield moments after.

"It appears you have left me with no weapon." She had a few tears drop down her face.

"I can't kill you, it's not what I want to do Dahlia, the pain will destroy me..." Saizir explained.

"I'm sorry, but neither of us can help that... The rainbow haired girl I spoke of when I washed ashore, she told me of my fate, my destiny." Dahlia nodded, "We must finish this, please, more talking will only hurt the both of us..."

Dahlia put her hands together, and waves of cosmic energy flew off of her; and Saizir soon found himself face-to-face with a rather young looking man, who had menacing purple eyes, and a large black cloak on, though it was missing a hood.

Dahlia sighed, as she figure ran at Saizir, who had placed his sword back to its sheath, attacking him with powerful punches, and Saizir backed up to place in a kick, which knocked the figure back. Dahlia came in immediately after, spinning on one foot, her dress shooting out spikes from the edges.

Saizir was barely able to evade all the spikes that attacked, as Dahlia jumped back when she had felt the attack itself became useless. And once more, the shaded figure attacked, landing a few punches on Saizir, who got slammed into the wall.

Saizir growled, Dahlia was more powerful than he would have expected, how long had she kept her power hidden from him?

He added some Chaos power to himself, powering up some of his attacks, barely keeping the shaded figure back. From the corner he noticed Dahlia came flying at him on some translucent slide, performing ballet pirouettes, all the while, shooting her leg out to slam it into his face.

Barely getting back, Dahlia practically flew past him and then the shaded figure was upon him once more, landing a few hits on Saizir, before Saizir turned on the upper hand, forcing Chaos punches into the figure, who then blasted into smoke.

The transparent floor came under Saizir's feet, and he soon found himself next to Dahlia, both riding around the room now. Dahlia spun around once more, bringing her foot up to Saizir's face, who jumped over her, grabbing her waist, he threw her up high. Though she was saved by the lucid moving floor that flew about the room, which then she forced it to move her close to Saizir again.

She reached out to grab Saizir's shirt, but instead, they locked fingers, as if about to begin a dance together. Dahlia then had the floor itself spin in a vortex formation, and Saizir retaliated, lifting Dahlia off of the transparent floor.

Hands together, they fell down toward the actual floor of the room, as if skydiving from a high point atop the Thyrian atmosphere.

"I'll never let you go!" Saizir proclaimed.

Dahlia stared at Saizir, her concentration on fighting Saizir somehow suddenly left. The world stopped for her, as she saw the truth in Saizir's eyes. Reality came back, smacking her in the face, as she released her hands, and landed upon her lucid floor once more. Saizir cushioned his fall with a little concentration of Order.

Dahlia smiled, as the floor once more shot out toward Saizir, who jumped upon it again; balancing himself, he managed to dodge the flurry of kicks aimed at him once more. Taking ahold of Dahlia's right leg, he forced Chaos energy to burst out, flipping Dahlia in the air, and Dahlia twirled in midair, landing herself hands first on Saizir's shoulder, to which she then bounded off, landing on the other side of him.

Saizir turned about, to find Dahlia pirouetting, causing needles to fly from the tips of her dress this time. Saizir had to jump off to avoid the onslaught, he landed upon the ground, and looked up to Dahlia. She had just finished twirling and bounded off the translucent, moving floor. Performing five somersaults in the air, she landed upon her feet.

She put her hands together once more, and the floor suddenly turned to ice, making movement hard. Dahlia smiled as she began to twirl, ice shards began to form around her, and with that, she released the move, the shards flying everywhere.

Saizir watched, he took note that none were aimed for him, she was just showing off, something she always did when they were kids. Dahlia laughed at his expression, which was bewilderment that written upon his visage. The sound of her laugh weakened his knees, as he watched her begin to skate across the ground, she came charging for him.

She grabbed his hand before he could make it out of the way, and thus, she began to spin him around and around upon the icy floor. Saizir found himself go dizzy, as he created a burst of Chaos in the hand she held, seperating the two.

Dahlia jumped up, landing upon the translucent, moving floor, she smiled as she once more took off to Saizir, who's back was turned, and with swift speed, she stole his sword. She threw it far over, a great distance so that it'd take a while for Saizir to get it.

Siazir sighed, Dahlia was certainly tough, she had out-maneuvered him at every end, as if she knew what he was going to do, and how to counter it. And now she had taken his sword, he had Balance, but not enough, he looked to the staff. He definitely did not want to use it, but if it'd get Dahlia to stop, he could save her as well, the staff gave a tremendous amount of power!

He approached the staff, Dahlia watched with curiosity, as Saizir reluctantly took the staff in hand. He stood there, and looked back at her with confident eyes. He powered up the staff, and sent a good amount of Order at her, she took the hit, falling down to the ground, though flipped halfway through and landed upon her feet.

She looked badly hurt, save for the fact she was still standing just as easily as if she were not damaged. She then began to skate once more, bringing up more shards, which followed her, she sent them at Saizir, who dodged easily.

'I've got to stop her. Staff, stop her, or something...' He thought to himself.

Acting upon orders, a green bolt of energy shot out at Dahlia, who barely got out of the way. She came around, forming the lucid walkway once more, which she forced Saizir to get upon. She tripped him as he was forced upon the moving floor, almost about to take the staff, she was blasted back with some Chaos energy.

Saizir took the moment he gave himself to hit her again with the green bolt of energy that shot out earlier, green energy almost hitting if not for her great evasion skills. She kicked the staff out of his hands and it fell to the ground, and Dahlia jumped up, to bring her foot down upon Saizir, who was able to grab her foot in midair, and then threw her off the side of the moving walkway.

Dahlia barely landed on her feet once more, and Saizir landed next to the staff, while he went to grab the staff, Dahlia continued spinning on the ice, creating a frost tornado, with her as the epicenter. She spun as fast as she could, the ice tornado being released flew about the room.

Saizir gained a great idea at this moment, as he shot the bolt of green energy at the tornado, which then shot at Dahlia, capturing her and attacking her within.

Dahlia's scream pierced the Thyrian world at that moment, the temple that they both fought in shaking due to the great power.

It did not last long, the tornado released her, disappating at that moment, her body fell to the ground.

Dahlia sighed peacefully, "I do not feel it anymore..."

The Released

"Dahlia!!" Saizir eclaimed as he ran to her, 'Damn it, I'm an idiot! What was I thinking?!'

Saizir knelt down and lifted her back up by a little by his knee, cradling her head in his left hand. "I'm an idiot. I should have never done that. Dahlia, I'm-"

"It's alright. The energy from the staff did enough, it did what was needed." Dahlia smiled, placing her right hand over Saizir's right.

"But I-"

"It was needed. Kaede would have gotten here sooner or later... But you know what... You're still the best a Hide-and Seek." Dahlia smiled, "You still found me... You managed to hold out for so long."

"It was because of you... Saizir stated. "I wanted to find you so badly."

"And you did. You must be quite happy with yourself." Dahlia joked lightly, trying to soften the mood.

"I failed at the end though... I wanted to find you so badly, because I realized... I.. Well... I love you..." Saizir stated, his voice breaking, "I would never hurt you, not intentionally. But you made me do this and-"

"I feel the same way..."

"-I couldn't stop you unless- You... feel the same way?"

Dahlia nodded, smiling. "Yes, silly. I always did. I just think I never had the courage. You know me, sporty, yet cowardly at times too. I'll never run from you again though. I promise..." A yellow sphere flew off of Dahlia's skin, glowing as it flew up toward the light of the room.

"What was-" Saizir was cut off.

"I'll never run from you. I promise. I truly do love you." Using what strength she had left, she lifted her head, and met with Saizir's lips, the shared an enrapturing kiss, everything from the world, all problems, seemed to vanish.

Saizir's black eyes turned back to normal, as they exchanged their loving bond they had just formed together.

Seperating, Dahlia stared into Saizir's eyes, "There is a creature, a demon in black who will come after you, fight him off with your best. When he comes, he will attack me, Thyria..."

"I'll defend you to my dying breath. I mean it, I swear it. I'll do anything to protect you." Saizir's eyes began to drip tears.

"Thank you..." More yellow orbs began to fly off her skin, obscuring her form a little more.

"I'll always remember you, even as my consciousness fades from this world. I'll always remember you... Remember me as Dahlia... Your one and only true love."

"I will. I promise!"

"Saizir..." Dahlia muttered softly.

Saizir looked into her eyes, staring into her wonderful purple orbs.

"I will never run or hide again. Though the game... It was quite fun..." She smiled and closed her eyes, trying to move her head up to kiss Saizir once more, though the enveloping orbs of light began to appear in much greater numbers, obscuring her even more.

The next thing Saizir knew, he felt a faint kiss of Dahlia's, as he suddenly found that she was gone, nowhere in sight...


Saizir left the temple, through a pair of doors that had revealed themselves the moment Dahlia vanished. He was walking down a dirt path, staff in his right hand, his head hung low. Tiny droplets made a path from where he had came, his eyes blazing red with pain.

The Glowerorbs had been closed, meaning nighttime had hit since he had been in the temple fighting against Dahlia.

His sobs were quiet, he was in deep pain, Dahlia was gone...

It had truly affected him greatly...

His heart hadn't been wrenched it two, it was ripped to shreds by Dahlia's death.

He had nowhere else to go, nowhere to be.

No one to be with anymore...

He stopped as a powerful breeze blew by him, and all the closed Glowerorbs opened brightly, shining in the most spectacular way that Saizir himself had never seen before.

He gave a faint smile...

They were forever bound...

A little bit behind Saizir, down the path, was a tiny spider, which sent it's web up into the air, taking flight from the powerful breeze. Slowly descending, it landed upon a pale white finger.

"So... Saizir has killed Dahlia..." Kaede licked his lips, "No matter. Dahlia is gone. That cannot be fixed. But it does not mean I can quit, now does it?" Kaede smirked.

"What an interesting boy... To have gained a great amount of power so soon... He has given me a taste of his power..." Kaede licked his lips, some saliva dripped down his chin after the gesture.

"I shall make him mine... In due time..."

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