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"Kaede... You have been a wise and profound individual... In deference to you, I shall place my trust one last time unto Thyria. I shall seal myself in a portal to the Outer Realm, when I return of my own volition, I hope to see Thyria in peace and understanding. If I see such, I shall bring Thyria to a time of great prosper, and everyone will be made equal. However, if I am ripped from the Outer Realm forcefully, and come to Thyria once more, and see that it is in wars and chaos... I will know that the people of Thyria have failed. And I will punish the people of Thyria, as I would have rewarded them in their success. Then soon, Thyria will know of Tsukinode's hidden Darkness and His Light. Thyria will pay for all of its sins, down to every last man, woman, and child..."

Kaede stood before the tentacled creature with the purple cloak, atop a castle far from where The Mage's castle was, "Tsuki, you have returned."

"I was ripped from my dimension, did you not remember my words?" Tsuki questioned.

"Oh, I remember them perfectly. But there was just one little detail I forgot to mention..." Kaede smiled viciously, "I never cared for Thyria..."

"Very well... I watched for a few thousand years, and to this very day, the wars and fighting has not stopped... As such, I shall wreak the havoc I mentioned long ago upon this pitiable planet." Tsuki stated, rather emotionlessly, as if a robot. Raising its arms, a bright light shone above the sky of Thyria, encompassing the entire planet.

Kaede covered his eyes, unable to see due to the bright light, which died down moments after. Kaede looked past Tsuki, the trees covering the land were dead and gret, the grass was a dull yellow, the Glowerorbs were faint, flickering on and off like broken lightbulbs. The waters surrounding this castle were no longer clear, and instead, were gunky and dirty.

"You and your people have failed me. And so, I have detroyed most inhabitants of the planet. There are few of you left now I have passed my judgement, and as such, I will now rule instead. Begone Kaede." Tsuki flicked its wrist to get his point across.

Kaede smirked still, and his eyes sparkled for a moment, a portal opened up behind him, "My intentions for now have been achieved." He went through the portal, and it closed.

Tsuki stared out at the wasteland, uncaring, disappointed, and shook its head. The new ruler of Thyria stood tall, and did not move and inch off the roof. Staring out into the dead wastelands...

Chapter I

For some reason, a bright light covered the land for a few moments, and the next thing Saizir knew, Thyria's trees were suddenly a dull grey and dead. The grass looked old and withered, and the Glowerorbs began to flicker on and off, as if broken by the bright light that flashed across the sky. No doubt Kaede has a hand in this, alongside that strange creature that came from that pillar of darkness.

Saizir shook his head, he failed Dahlia most of all, she planet was in ruins... Dahlia was in ruins... She was damaged, and that hurt him more than anything.

"I'll defend you to my dying breath. I mean it, I swear it. I'll do anything to protect you."

What a load.

He was still alive, and Thyria was here, suddenly in ruins; and he was still on his way to Chu-ya's to solve the problem.

And that bastard, that white faced, purple kimono wearing, lilt-in-the-voice bastard was still running about. And he easily got away. How much power did Kaede truly have, certainly a man who spits up spiders and prances around with a purple kimono on has to have some weakness.

He pondered over Kaede's abilities, his powers, his skills; but even with the knowledge he had, he wasn't sure if he was still capable of defeating Kaede as he was now.

As if speaking of the devil himself, said character appeared from nowhere a few seconds later; clad in his normal purple kimono, and his pale, sick white face seemingly brighter than usual.

Sazir glared at Kaede, who smirked at the rather hatred-filled glance, "Oh come now, you can't say you're not surprised?" Kaede questioned.

"No, I'm not very happy at seeing your disgusting face." Saizir bit back.

"Oh! So you're upset? What is bothering you, allow me to help..."

"I'd never take help from someone as low as yourself."

Kaede took a step back, and placed his hand over his heart, as if in a play. "Oh... Your words, they cut through me like knives onto a cutting board. How could you be so inconsiderate? After all, I did come to see how you were doing."

"You probably also came to gloat too, didn't you?" Saizir held his staff before himself.

"How did you know?" Kaede smiled, "Sad, isn't it, that Dahlia chose a failure. It must be quite an achievment in the hero department to actually lose this badly. That the planet you call home and had as a lover, chose a loser."

Saizir gripped his staff tightly, his knuckles whitening.

"But you could say it's all my fault. That I made you a loser. Of course, there'd be no other point in continuing my rant any longer." Kaede licked his lips, saliva dripping down his lips, "Of course, you could ask your parents... Oh wait. Weren't you put up in an orphanage? So you were going to be adopted, at least, at some point."

"Shut up."

"Why would I stop there? I've got much more to taunt about. But alas..." Kaede put the back of his hand to his forehead, "I could not completely piece everything else together so perfectly. It's sad really, how miserable your life has been, and yet you still linger on like some bothersome housefly at a mid-morning brunch. I like to eat in peace you know, and you've just continually poke your head in my way one too many times."

"Is that a problem?" Saizir felt the corners of his lips twist upward.

Kaede spat up spiders, and they all formed together to make a sword. When the shape was taken, it turned into pure, black metal, a sleek surface like an everyday sword, but a sharper glint placed within.

Kaede smirked, "Oh no. Not so much anymore. But you see, I've had all this bottled up anger, and I just couldn't find a way to release it. And then I thought about you... Oh yes... Saizir, I have certainly thought of you..." Kaede licked his blade, his purple eyes not leaving Saizir for a moment. "From the very first day we met to now... Oh yes indeed, I have thought so, so much about you..."

It was Saizir's turn to take a step back, Kaede was certainly becoming more... Erratic, to say the least.

"I have grown quite infuiated with you interfering. So I'm going to beat you into a great submission, and then leave you. It's time for... Punishment..."

Kaede, the Time-Traveler: Third Time's The Charm

"Sounds interesting..." Kaede muttered, he had said that for the third time since before the beginning of a fight, but he did not spit up any spiders for an attack; and just instead, threw off his kimono to display a skin-tight suit underneath, with a clown-like frill around the neck, that shot up at the removal of the kimono. Of course, to keep with his color scheme, lavender was the color of the whole suit.

Saizir shook his head, Kaede was certainly acting strange, he put his staff back, and sheathed his own sword, which he had not needed to use for a year now. Kaede was still slowly approaching, smiling like a lunatic about to go in for a kill, oh wait, that was indeed Kaede on a normal day.

Saizir jabbed forth, and Kaede just bounded back, and once more began to slowly approach, a grin etched into the features of that sickly pale face. Saizir growled, Kaede was toying, a normal thing for him to do, expected as well.

Saizir waited until Kaede made it to him, then made a horizontal slice, to which Kaede blocked by pointing his sword down at the ground, a certainly strange way for one to block in the art of swordfighting, was Kaede inexperienced, did he learn a different style, or did he just like to poke fun at any moment he could?

Th thoughts that rushed were cut off, as Saizir was backhanded across the face by Kaede.

"Keh heh. Pathetic." Kaede laughed.

Saizir wiped blood from his lip, and charged Kaede this time, slashing in many direction, but Kaede kept up, blocking each strike with perfection in every parry. Saizir noticed something strange, Kaede's eyes were a deep blue, with strange shapes flowing within, quickly backing off, Saizir watched as the eyes returned to purple.

"What was that?" Saizir questioned.

Kaede cackled crazily this time, vanishing, and suddenly appearing in front of Saizir, slashing downward, Saizir barely had time to stop the attack. He quickly cut horizontally, slicing off Kaede's arms, the sword clanged when it hit the ground. Kaede jumped back, to avoid being hit again.

"It seems my arms are gone..." Kaede muttered, but strangely, a clear, honey-colored goo came from his stumps, forming into new hands, each were given the color of his old hands, making Kaede seem as if he were never damaged.

"So, you've managed to do some damage. I'll give you that, boy." Kaede smiled, licking his lips, "It seems I won't be able to grab my sword now, since you've obviously bested me in a swordfight."

Saizir went and grabbed his staff, turning to Kaede, "I know you are still very dangerous. A swordfight isn't the only part of a fight... But I'm going to beat you this time, I'll-"

Kaede smirked, "Even if I had lost in a swordfight, does not mean I would have lost in any circumstance, child..."

"No. I've got a reason to fight, you have no reason, I will take you down, and any other being that stands in my way, if it is to get to you."

"Any being?" A gruff voice said from behind Saizir, who turned around, and found himself face-to-face with a black, demonic looking creature.

Chapter II

"There is a creature, a demon in black who will come after you, fight him off with your best. When he comes, he will attack me, Thyria..."

Dahlia's voice rang out in his ears, from looking at this beast in front of him, this was that very creature Dahlia spoke of. It's golden piercing eyes, a large gaping maw, horns on it's head.

"I repeat, any being?" It questioned.

Saizir stuttered, then backed up, tripping over himself, he nodded slightly.

"I see, very well... Kaede, I have no time to dawdle, I must hurry, come with me." This strange creature ordered Kaede, and from the silence, and Kaede approaching the creature, he was complying with this monster's demands, or at least just going with the flow.

"Since I don't have much time, I cannot kill you, brat. But instead, I'll leave a parting gift..." A black orb shot from the creature's fingers, slamming Saizir squarely in the chest, and overpowering the Balance within Saizir with Chaos. Saizir's eyes became a pitch-black once more, just like before Dahlia died.

"You... Jackass..." Saizir blasted a large orb of Chaos at the black creature, who simply flicked it with it's finger, back at Saizir, who took the whole attack in. Getting damaged badly in the rebound. Both Kaede and the creature vanishing at that moment, leaving Saizir to himself, badly hurt, out in the dead, desolate forest.

Saizir awoke, with a splitting headache, in an all-too-familiar room. Standing in the doorway was Chu-ya, age still seeming to have no effect upon the elderly woman.

"You have awoken." Chu-ya merely stated, as she sauntered over to Saizir.

"Master... I..."

"I'm very aware of the situation. Most of Thyria has been destroyed. That is something we cannot handle. But we can change the self-proclaimed ruler." She thumped her cane upon the floor.

"But I'm under strata, you warned me-"

"I always fix that type of problem. You are free of it once more." The old woman asserted.

Saizir closed his eyes, "I've failed... Failed Dahlia... Failed everyone..."

"And since when has that caused you to stop? You did not run when you had to face Dahlia. You did not give up when fighting Kaede. What has caused you to give up suddenly?"

"Look at Thyria, it's dead! There's nothing left! How can we fix this?!" Saizir found himself irritated by Chu-ya, the elderly woman was his master, sure, she was more powerful than he was, but the stress of recent events had taken its toll on him.

"I'm sorry." Saizir muttered at the old woman, who only nodded in responce.

"It's just that, well, I'm unsure of how to solve this problem."

"Sometimes even we ourselves need help, but to get that help, you must ask others. A simple saying that should be used more often." The old woman chuckled, "When you are ready, I shall take you, along with myself, to the very thing that has caused this calamity."


"The Balance can give you many things. I shall display another soon, this one will take us to the very destination you desire, the bringer of destruction. I shall take us there, when you are ready." Chu-ya turned and left the room, with no others words or advice.

Saizir sat there in silence for a few moments, he was curious, how long was he out? What was this part of the Balance that Chu-ya knew of that he did not? How much more does Chu-ya know? Was she some type of god?

Rediculous, she was an elderly woman with a good knack for the Balance, she was a true master at the ability, and knew how to fight well.

He got out of bed, changed into his regular black clothes, grabbed his staff, then went out the door to see Chu-ya waiting. she was staring up at the sky, at which a giant heart floated above, it was grey, and had a large gaping hole in the middle.

Since when did Thyria have a giant heart floating in the sky?

"What is it?" Saizir questioned.

"The being that was released, it took the souls of those it killed and seemingly created a moon, shaped in a heart out of the souls..." Chu-ya turned to Saizir, "Are you prepared?"


"Very well."

A suctional power began to make pressure upon Saizir, he stared at Chu-ya, who seemed unaffected. And it was sudden, but found himself standing beside her upon a castle roof. Standing behind a tall, purple cloaked creature with blue hands outstretched toward the moon.

"So... The ones that survive... Come to their ruler..."

Chapter III

Saizir stared at the creature, its tentacles coming out from under its cloak were approaching them, but not threateningly.

"Do you... Fear your new ruler?" It questioned.

"It's far from that." Chu-ya stated.

"I've come to fix what I could have stopped earlier." Saizir added.

The outstretched arms went down to their sides, and the figure turned around, the tentacles receding. A red eye focused on them from within the hood of the robe. "I suppose you want to solve the new... Problem?"

"You got it." Saizir stared at the figure.

"You... Thyrians... Solve no problems... You waste your lives, you waste your planet. For nothing. I have solved a greater issue, and yet, you come, bothering to stop what I have fixed."

"Because it didn't solve the problem. It just forced it off. Others need to learn to understand one another, then there can be a chance, but you just wiped the planet of almost everyone." Saizir calmly explained, "And you're going to fix it, I know if you have the ability to kill them all easily, then you can just as easily fix it."

"You are... Correct. But can-can you fix-fix, what I have already fixed?" It questioned.

Saizir's eyes widened slightly, "You... Fix this now or I'll force you!"

Chu-ya looked to Saizir then the strange being, watching this all go around in a circle.

"Fix, not fixed. Working, not working. Broken, unbroken. Thyria is just a pathetic piece of wasted space that has survived for so long. It is a wonder that it bothers to stand. I made a deal with one of your people, long ago. A thousand years ago, I completely split myself off from a god known as Tsukinode, and came here. Intentions at first to destroy your pathetic planet."

"But when it came down to the bottom of it, it was a wonderous place, my malicious intentions were rather changed, and I soon found myself in some good company. Though this company kept my view of the planet rather... Complacent. I had misunderstood what true intentions of others were. And in the end, I chose to leave Thyria's kind to one man. But he failed, on purpose. His name is Kaede."

Saizir bit through his clenched teeth, "Kaede..."

"But now... He also had different intentions..." The arms raised once more to the moon-heart that floated in the sky, "I am confused... I am broken myself. Will you... Play with me?"

"Wh-what?" Saizir questioned.

"Let's make-make it a game. I shall play with you. And if you make it fun, I shall fix-fix-fix-fix-fix..." It went silent, before suddenly acting up, "Let us play. I, Tsuki, shall have fun with you."

Tsuki's Game

Tsuki stood there, as a great wind blew about the roof, making his robe billow backward, swaying mejestically in the wind. A blue orb floated out of Tsuki's hand, and then became larger, surrounding Tsuki completely.

"I'd like to see your strength."

Saizir was the first to act, charging forth and taking out his sword to impale Tsuki, in which the blue orb that surrounded Tsuki bounced the attack back easily, giving Tsuki no damage.

"Hee-Hee. Pathetic." A large boulder flew up from the ground, and then floated beside Tsuki, who jumped upon it, then flew out far into the sky.

"Be careful Saizir, you can never know what one can do." Chu-ya informed.

"Let's see how you handle this?" Rocks began to be lifted from the ground, sizes from mere boulders to the size of the castle itself. Tsuki giggled weirdly, as one boulder came down like a meteor at Saizir, who jumped out of the way. The roof being battered in the process though. Saizir watched as Tsuki brought destruction upon the land, sending some boulders in random directions, others at him or Chu-ya, in which they both deftly dodged.

Tsuki came flying down on his rock, tentacles pointed at them threateningly. Orbs of two colors formed in the tentacles, of purple and orange, they shot up and formed an orb, which flew down at Chu-ya, who blasted the attack directly back at Tsuki, who took some minor damage.

"Hee-Hee. You think holding up will solve this?" Tsuki raised it's arms, and giant heart in the sky came closer toward Thyria. "Let's see how much you are willing to save Thyria. If-if-if-if-if-if you can do so. I will destroy that moon. And fix the planet for you."

"Easily done." Saizir stated as he brought a great amount of power to his staff, blasting Tsuki with it, doing some damage due to the broken forcefield.

Tsuki stood before them, but shook its head, "I was going to go easy... But no more..."

Everything turned bright white for a moment, and suddenly, Saizir and Chu-ya found themselves floating on a large slab of land, Thyria's heart-moon floating above, but getting larger very slowly.

"Oh. I W-A-S going easy. I have fun. Let-you-me-I-fun." Tsuki's voice rang, and soon, a large figure enveloped the sky, it was, at first, a large black cloud, but it slowly faded to reveal a large skull, of which a cape hung off of, ratty old hair hung down from the head. Within the cape was what appeared to be a young girl, who was held by the cape, of which chains came out, holding her up by her arms.

The girl herself had a large mouth for a face, no other facial features to be seen, she wore what appeared to be a nightgown. On what was able to be seen of her arms, there were mouths, which blew out saliva bubbles, which contained little wisps of blue and white energy.

Moments after, purple tentacles burst forth from the skulls empty sockets, and an amorphous cloud blew forth from the skull's mouth. Within the cloud, faint whispers could be heard, though they could not be made out.

Saizir found himself having a great desire to retch at this strange abomination, whilst Chu-ya stared at it as if it she had seen the thing before.

"I play with you. You can play. Play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-"

"What is it...?" Saizir was aghast.

"It's a being born of the emotions, light, and darkness of Tsukinode, one of the gods of Thyria." Chu-ya informed.

"Tsukinode. The Neutral..." Saizir only worded.

"-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play............" It seemed to stop for a moment, then there was a loud gurgle coming from the girl within the cape, though it became like an electrostatic cackle.

"I show. I show... Saizir... Old hag... Play. PLAY."

The giant manifestation shot orbs of a variety of colors at the twosome, who dodged deftly, though Saizir got his on the last strike, launching him back and damaging him significantly.

Chu-ya proceeded afterward to block any orb that came Saizir's way, though she herself had to make a powerful shield of Order to hold it up.

Tsuki giggled, and the girl came flying down, the chains rattling as she spat up orbs from her rather large mouth, which contained the souls that screamed, as they floated slowly in the air.

Chu-ya focused her own will of Order and rerouted the orb at the girl, who took that attack of souls in. Seemingly, she faded to nothingness. The bubbled from the mouths on her arms floated out randomly, then exploded, destroying a good portion of the floating platform. The cape and skull with the white mat of hair floated there, silent as it watched Chu-ya heal Saizir.

"Hurt. You. You. Hurt." It suddenly spoke up. "You. I make. Die."

Tsuki launched a simple barrage of orbs in one direction, though the attack contained much power, Chu-ya barely got herself out of the way as she helped Saizir dodge.

Orbs of two colors formed in the tentacles, of purple and orange, they shot up and formed an orb, which flew down at Saizir, who knocked it up at Tsuki, who shot it back down, but Chu-ya took the chance and hit it back with Order, knocking back into Tsuki, who could not react in time and got hit.

Tsuki seemed somewhat damaged, and floated weirdly in the air, as if it were dizzy from taking the attacks in. Chu-ya took notice, and she turned to Saizir.

"Combine our Balance together. It should at least put Tsuki into a correct mind-state. If not for a moment." Chu-ya informed as she began her own beam of energy, Saizir joining moments after.

The skull slowly vanished. the cape vanished, revealing the purple being with tentacles coming down from under his cloak, his blue arms crossed.

They stopped shooting the beam the moment he showed, the spirit slowly descended.

"What do you need? I was going to continue to play." Tsuki shook its head.

"I was never here to play! You messed up the planet, I came to fix it, not play a game with you!" Saizir yelled. "Turn it back, I can't stand it like this!"

"Why? Your people are at a loss. So I slaughtered them." Tsuki stated.

"But we need this. Our planet is worth keeping. I want to make it so others can learn to understand and feel for one another. But killing them all takes that purpose away." Saizir argued.

"I don't think you can hold yourself up to a job like that. My last one I put trust in changed his mind." Tsuki stated.

Saizir turned to Chu-ya, but had found she was suddenly gone.

"I..." Saizir looked about, "I... Can fix the planet. Just give us, me a chance."


"I promise. I will make it so the planet no longer has wars. I'll solve this problem."

"Very well. One last chance for your planet. I will leave for a thousand years. It better be missing strife when I return." Tsuki stated.

"I can do it. Just let me do it." Saizir affirmed.

"It rests on your shoulders... I shall return life to how it was before I was ripped from the dimension... You will be the only one who shall know of me, save for another."


"Saizir, you have at least shown me your determination, I hope that there are more like you. For the next thousand years, I shall return to the Outer Realm. This time, I shall not seal myself away. I shall watch you. I shall not help. If it gets too out of hand, I shall not only destroy the people. I shall attempt to annihilate the planet itself. Do not mess up."

"You don't need to worry."

"Then show me that. When you awake, you shall find yourself here. But I will not be here. Heed my warning."

A bright light suddenly enveloped the sky, and Saizir felt his eyes close...

Everything was going to be fixed...

Dahlia was safe once more.

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