BETWIXT TIME-LINE: Flipside, Dark Mirror / Burger Wars, Bad Taste, Children At Play, The Last Laugh, Toon Wars.

Toon Wars will be the climax of the Betwixt series in which the events of The Last Laugh come to a crashing conclusion with Earth as the battlefield for the final stages of the Jewels of Imagination war..


this will be a brief recap of the end stages of The Last Laugh, in a sort of "Last Episode" theme.

Chapter 1

Slapstick and his allies gather as many forces as they can, empowering people with the Jewels of Light in order to try and combat the vast armies of Toons spawning from the portal - at the same time Betwixt, completely insane, goes on a violent rampage as the power of the Jewels of Darkness continues to grow.

Battle - Moggy

Chapter 2

The group continue their battle as Betwixt uses the Jewels of Darkness to empower people as well, amidst the massive fighting caused as people become "Half-Toons" the Artist spawns to try and convinced Slapstick to give into the chaos all around him, when Slapstick once again rejects him Artist goes for the kill.

Battle - Artist

Chapter 3

the Jewels of Light and the Jewels of Darkness continue to clash - with many minor battles and revelations coming out (possible inclusion of Immortal characters as well).

Chapter 4

Deciding to completely destroy "Flipside" Betwixt strips his allies of all free-will and mutates them into horrific beasts, starting with Moggy - who he sets loose to age the population that are not already altered by the Jewels, his own "solution" to the "fleshie plague".

Battle - Moggy (Jewel of Age)

Chapter 5

Not one to be outdone by Betwixt in terms of carnage the monstrous Artist boldly steals the Jewel of Hate and happily spreads the violence until confronted by the heroes and being overwhelmed..

Battle - Artist (Jewel of Hate)

Chapter 6

With his armies weakening and his greatest generals destroyed the now utterly monstrous Betwixt is confronted by heroes, who storm the giant tower that literally spawned from the ground - fighting malicious versions of themselves as Betwixt uses the Jewel of Discord to try and stop them, in the end the tower falls and Betwixt is dragged to the streets.

Battle - Betwixt (Jewel of Discord)

Chapter 7

As Slapstick and the others prepare to close the portal and end the "Toon Wars" once and for all Suzie tries to confront Betwixt with what he has done, only to be confronted with a horrifying revelation as the true source of Betwixt's madness manifests, gathering the Jewels of Darkness as it prepares for one final effort to destroy everything..

Battle - Betwixt / The Presence (the 5 Jewels of Darkness)

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