Torment will be an upcoming antagonist in the At Err series, acting as an agent of Misery and taking the form of a female hyena - however she is actually empowered by Misery much like the Outsiders and is devoted to spreading suffering with the aid of a gang of like-minded individuals: due to her devotion to causing pain and distress she has no problem with joining the invasion, though she will betray them when it suits her and thus plays both sides against one another for her own benefit.

Torment helped to orchestrate the events that would lead to the return of Misery following the events of Shadow of Death, however as a result of Misery's return a third aspect was "born" in the form of Sorrow and Torment has formed a union with several other Misery followers to find and raise Sorrow in the "proper" ways of a Misery elite.

Powers / Abilities

  • Empathic Whip (Torment can create whips made out of empathic energy which strike at victims and cause emotional pain rather than physical damage)
  • Empathic Chains (Torment can create empathic chains which paralyse a victim via overwhelming them with negative emotions)
  • Gang-Lord (Torment is in command of her own street-gang, who do as she commands and provide her with resources and protection as well as canon-foder should things go wrong in her plans)


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