Total Control, originally titled "The Castle of the Secrets", was the second, and currently, the longest story in the Villains Multiverse. This story followed not long after Judge and Executioner, and featured the debut appearances of Inferno Pendragon, Tulwar, Trench, Aeris, Groxious, Drasocon, and the Secret of Control. Due to the scattered nature of the story, (as well as some inconsistencies with the current Multiverse), the story is unable to be transferred to the Villains RPG Wiki.

Due to Arbiter destroying countless worlds, the balance of the universe has been thrown into great distress, with Chaos overtaking Order. From this imbalance was formed the Secret of Control, who sought to correct this balance by subduing the Universe into Absolute Order. Control, more powerful than the other Secrets, immediately takes control of the Castle of the Secrets, as well as the Secrets themselves. Control then sends the Secrets out to subdue all worlds.

Deathwalker 13000 would like to rewrite this story, but needs both the permission of TheSecret1070, and for many other of the Multiverse stories to be completed.

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