Trolls are a nasty but comical species of semi-mystical beings that reside in an abstract dimension known as the Underside - they resemble ugly humanoids of unusual size and have the mannerisms of stereotypical "trolls" of both human folklore and internet culture, making them a very interesting but grotesque group that often cause havoc for other species out of spite.

Gryme is a particularly prominent troll who acted as the owner of Lard Burger, a group of trolls who allied with an insane ex-mascot known as Monsieur Mime to try and spark a literal fast-food war - utilizing terrorism and other extreme actions in their quest, making up the events of Burger Wars.


Trolls are ruled by corrupt leaders known as Master Trolls, who are normally only really in charge due to being stronger and more disgusting than other Trolls - when several Master Trolls work together the results can be horrifying, luckily for other species however most Master Trolls fight amongst themselves and do not like to work together unless their is a major threat to the Troll World.

Trolls utilize both advanced magic and advanced technology but are dedicated to spreading destructive chaos, in many ways Troll society is an anarchic parody of the worst stereotypes of humanity as well as a dark parallel to Toons.

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