Tsukinode is a being that created the Reflective Universe through the Mirror of Oglindă. Though not much is known about this being, he has been thought to hold power within the realms of the afterlife, and as such, he has vast amounts of power at his disposal, examples being the Seal of Tsukinode, and resurrecting the dead, Alistaires being the prime case.


Before the beginning of time itself, Tsukinode was already into being, his powers spreading across numerous realms.

Later on

Over the course around this time, he decided upon using some of his power into creation, and thus, he created beings known as Secrets, each holding up various laws within the universe. Although, the Secrets themselves had no idea who created them or how they came into existance, he indeed formed them from the recesses of his mind.


Every few aeons, Tsukinode weakens and won't be able to use his real power, thus, to travel the universe, he uses a dark spirit-like form. In this form, he is severely weak, yet can still hold power over life and death. He has grown to overcome his weakening, able to use at least some of his main power. But more recently, his powers have been fully restored for the next few aeons.

Body Structure

Tsukinode's body is much like that of a Secret, instead of just a cloak, he also has a physical body, human-like in form, but in structure, it's made of diamonds of the highest density. With this, he could technically be labelled invincible. On the back, two wings made of pure energy allow him to fly or float.


Tsukinode's idea of the universe and life is that one is born to die. You live then die, and the cycle continues. This philosophy has been passed on by many, most known being Alistaires, whom he resurrected after Alistaires had his soul destroyed.


  • Resurrection - He can revive anyone from death

    The Seal of Tsukinode

  • Creation - Using his power, he can create anything
  • Sword of Seya
  • Seya's Sight
  • Seya's Shield
  • Seal of Tsukinode
  • Imperium Recto
  • Transportation - He can vanish and reappear instantly
  • Maleficium - The use of his dark magic, of which is greatly powerful
  • Living Person of Tsukinode - Tsukinode's ability to take over another body for a period of time
  • Kenshi - A destructional mind power
  • Non-Omis-Moriar - Tsukinode, no matter what circumstance, cannot die, though, can be weakened for long periods of time
  • Soul Sleep - The time taken for Tsukinode to absorb great power
    Seya's Sight

    Seya's Sight


A Grasping Truth (Ashera's Battle Theme) - Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (HQ)09:01

A Grasping Truth (Ashera's Battle Theme) - Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (HQ)

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