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is a hero of unseen potential and skill. Using his powers of wind, ice, and light Tueor continuously strives to help right win in the end of every battle. He is also a hero of very high morals and does anything he can to protect mankind and especially his friends.


Right now Tueor's outfit is under redesign but his physical characteristics remain the same. He has long, slightly shaggy blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. He is a little shorter in stature only standing 5"10. He has a decent build on his body to allow his decent strength and good speed.


As A Child

Tueor is an orphan from the planet Tregon. After an incident with his girlfriend, her father told Tueor to leave and that if he ever tried to be with her again that he would hurt her. Sad and very lonely, Tueor left the town never to return. While he was away from his home town he came across a small village gifted in the use of magic. There he lived for several years learning what elements he could use and how to control them. Once he had the basics down he left the village and went on to being what he really wanted to be. A hero.

Power of Wind

Power of Ice

Power of Light


Elements of Ice and Wind- Tueor has an unatural ability to use the elements of both Ice and Wind. He can use them both to create very intersting combos and unheard of stratagies.

Hand-to-Hand Combat- Having practiced fighting often, Tueor has become a master at hand to hand combat, not needing weapons as much as others need to.

Warrior of Light- The power of Light was given to Tueor by the Secret of Light. She entrusted him with that power so that he could save the light and not let the darkness rule. He has vast powers of light that he uses only for good.


At one point, Tueor became corrupted and became a villain instead of an hero.


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