Corruption Tueor

In the story Corruption, Tueor becomes corrupted, to the point that he is practically a villain. While corrupted, Tueor's powers become much greater making him a huge threat to the planet of Tregon, and all heroes in the universe.


Tueor is an orphan from the planet Tregon. After an incident with his girlfriend, her father told Tueor to leave and that if he ever tried to be with her again that he would hurt her. Sad and very lonely, Tueor left the town never to return. While resting near a beach one day a hooded figure came up to him and took him to a field of flowers, the most beautiful field he had ever seen. But one flower in particular that he smelled made a change come over him. And thus Corrupted Tueor was born.


Darkness- What powers Tueor had with light all vanished. Instead he can use the dark as his tool, to help him achieve his goals.

Ice and Wind- Tueor has an unnatural ability to use the elements of both Ice and Wind. He can use them both to create very interesting combos and unheard of strategies.

Hand-to-Hand Combat- Having practiced fighting often, Tueor has become a master at hand to hand combat, not needing weapons as much as others need to.

Inner Power- When Tueor became corrupted, his restraint was all but gone, letting him use power that he had never shown before.

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