Twilight Imps are an artificial race of tiny but highly unstable energy-beings that bare striking similarities to corrupted Pegacorns, created as an unexpected side-effect of attempts to utilize Twilight Force as an alternate energy-source they would break free and became an infrequent nuisance to both heroes and villains, retreating to the dark corners of the world where they remain in small numbers, feeding off energy and causing havoc with their destructive personalities, described by many as akin to that of mean-spirited children: eager to feed and destroy.

Despite feeding on energy they are extremely weak to magic and thus beings that are made out of magical energy (such as Wisps, Avalon Imps and Secrets) are extremely troublesome to these beings and can be useful in containing any "Imp Outbreaks" that occur in the multiverse.




Twilight Imps resemble extremely small (no larger than 5-inches at most) Pegacorns with dark pelt, similar to that of Inferno Pendragon, Sangria and Equis (following corruption) - they also sport small demonic-wings and have purple eyes that glow: they are also surrounded by a purple aura that tends to spark like lightning and can spread upon close proximity to other Twilight Imps.

Powers / Abilities

  • Ergokinesis (Twilight Imps can manipulate raw energy and use it to fly, fire bolts of raw energy like lightning or charge themselves and nearby objects with energy, causing small explosions)
  • Energy Vampirism (Twilight Imps can absorb energy from multiple sources (including kinetic force) but are vulnerable to cosmic and mystic energy, which disrupts their ability to absorb kinetic force and thus makes them vulnerable to assault, when destroyed they implode - causing the illusion of them vanishing in a puff of smoke.)
  • Intelligence (Twilight Imps are adaptive, clever creatures and can work both as a pack and as successful solo combatants)
  • Auto-Genesis (Twilight Imps can use collected energy to split into two fully independent beings, the main means for them to reproduce - the process continues in their "clones", meaning once they gain enough energy they too will split into two fully independent beings and so on indefinitely)




    Twilight Imps are inspired by the cult-phenomena known as Gremlins, they share the Gremlins destructive personality and tendency to multiply in great numbers but are otherwise fashioned to fit into the modern Villains mythology.
  • Twilight Imps are not to be confused with other demons / monsters of the Twilight Realm, such as the Twilight Cherubs.
  • Aither has an extreme dislike of the Twilight Imps as she sees them as tarnishing the name of actual Avalon Imps (such as herself)

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