"Superhuman crime, mad gods and a world on the verge of anarchy.. all because we lack the strength to say enough is enough : I do not support the genocide of any people, I can't be a part of the massacres many desperate people have inflicted on the non-humans, out of fear of extinction or worse.. yet if humanity is to survive we must not be afraid to look into the eye of a non-human and say without fear : "Earth is for humans".." ~ Tyrant

Tyrant is the most terrifying of all opponents, the resurrected spirit of Neo-Voice who has once again taken a seemingly human guise and has been born not in his native universe but the mainstream Villains Multiverse, as an influential (but controversial) politician and the founder of Earth First - with possibly cataclysmic consequences as he begins to remember his "destiny" and the innumerable realities that stand beyond the Villains Multiverse.. realities that belong to him and him alone..

(NOTE: to avoid major spoilers I will NOT reveal how this happens or what it may cause - let's just say I'm bringing Voice back to his "roots" : of course this will be after we get done with the Power Struggle crisis)

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