"Every day I am reminded of how very alone I am, yet I will not surrender to the dark - for my lover lives in me.. as does the soul of the village who raised me as a brother.. how I have longed to close my eyes and join them in the halls of our ancestors but I will not see their memories lost to despair.. no, if I am to die then let it be in battle against those who would defile this land and its people.."

Usagi (roughly meaning "Rabbit") is one of the twelve Wandering Spirits who embody the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, he is set to become a regular protagonist in Book 4 - starting with the Oni Quest.


Usagi has a dark and troubled past, one which started with a chance encounter between the Yōkai and a human during the Kamakura Period (1185–1333AD) - the pair grew close and Usagi broke an unspoken Yōkai rule when he abandoned his post as a Wandering Spirit to become a lover.

This union ended in tragedy however when Hebi called upon Onibaba to bring Usagi back to the Wandering Spirits, unaware of the hag's malicious nature and she proceeded to brutally murder Usagi's mortal lover alongside an entire village.

Sound of an Angel - Beautiful violin music08:41

Sound of an Angel - Beautiful violin music

Usagi's Quest (theme)

Upon learning of Onibaba's actions Hebi tried to speak with Usagi alone only to find Usagi hostile towards the Wandering Spirits - who he blamed for the deaths of not only his lover but many other innocents, during this encounter Hebi was injured by Usagi, sparking what would become a bitter feud between the two.

As a result Tatsu gathered the Wandering Spirits (minus Usagi) and left to Shangri-La, a realm beyond that of the Yōkai - where the Wandering Spirits would remain.

Now Usagi wanders the Yōkai and human world, seeking to do good and honor the memory of his lover as well as all who have suffered due to Onibaba or other followers of what he calls "the dark path".

Powers / Abilities

  • Immortality (as one of the Yōkai Usagi is unable to grow old nor die under normal circumstances)
  • Dimensional-Bending (as one of the Yōkai Usagi is able to open portals between realities and move between them as easily as opening a door, in fact Yōkai portals often manifest as traditional shōji doors)
  • Martial-Arts Mastery (Usagi is a master of all known martial-arts)
  • Weapon-Mastery (Usagi has mastered all known weaponry (excluding guns) )
  • Rabbit Techniques (Usagi is the master of Rabbit Techniques - which allow superhuman feats of speed, jumping and agility)

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