Guys, we still have a ton of unfinished stories and I think we need a rule in place now - the rule being thus:


As it stands it is all too easy (and common) for people to start new stories and leave behind older ones - or projects with other users, I think it is time to end this: if professional retailers did this we'd never have successful franchises, no matter how burdensome it is all major companies and even RP communities finish a campaign / story before they set on with a new one and I think we need to do the same.

If you have finished your stories why not read up on some of our finished stories or check on the progress of other projects? familiarize yourself with the mythos and canon of other users whilst they catch up with you? there is no need to create new stories and leave certain users behind.. to the point they may just give up.

Think on this.. everyone is different and everyone is meant to be given a fair chance, we can't very well claim to be giving everyone that chance if we abandon their stories whilst making new stories that alter the canon ever more: making it hard for new or even mid-users to add to our multiverse.

Every story and saga alters the canon in ways you can not predict (without forcing spoilers) and thus every unfinished story we have could be a potential canon paradox - which we will have to work on.. the best way to avoid the paradoxes? finish the stories before moving onto other ones.

Have an awesome idea and want to make a new story? think on it - first, has the idea been used? read up on unfinished projects - check the canon.. maybe your awesome idea will conflict with a story in progress, meaning you can alter it whilst waiting for that project to complete - thus avoiding a paradox or user grief before it begins (the old "that's my idea" scenario).

Bored of waiting? that's what Blogs are for - we don't want to stop your creativity, we aren't shunning you.. we just want to make sure our multiverse doesn't go into absolute chaos or (more importantly) certain groups of users don't become lost, abandoned and disgruntled.

Finally if you absolutely MUST make a "new" story why not Reboot an older story? there are plenty of stories from the old User Battles or even old Villains RPG that no longer work in canon - even then I think people should read up on other users work and check out the list of Unfinished Stories etc.

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