since Monster Mash-Up got me back in the Hero Machine mood I decided to make this blog to continually add new designs / character concepts.. starting with a new addition to Misery's Berrypaw stories:


after listening to Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell" I designed what would become Chiroptera and while researching bats found they are trickster spirits / omens in many cultures.. thus it struck me as fitting that she would be a Wanderer like Berrypaw or Sharp-Tooth..

fitting to the song itself I envision her character as a neutral, who courts Berrypaw but doesn't always help - being linked to Sister Moon and other nocturnal entities she is the "bad girl" who wants to have fun and let loose.. she isn't malicious like Sharp-Tooth but she isn't exactly kind either.. being a literal "bat out of Hell" (just like her song).

if you wonder what a Wanderer is, it is basically a type of spirit that is below the status of a deity but beyond that of your average ghost/fairy-types.. with limited ability to warp reality, immortality and a tendency to "wander" across the world,  interactions with these Wanderers inspire trickster-figures from various cultures such as Brer Rabbit, Coyote, Raven and so on.

Keeper of Sin

another of the Keepers, a concept I touched upon in the Monster Mash-Up blog, like all Keepers he is part of a sinister organization that each obsess over a subject and wear a unique mask to accompany this obsession.. they also gain great powers based on the subject they obsess over, in Keeper of Sin's case he has gained a variety of demonic abilities and seeks to overthrow the "infernal powers" (devils, demons etc).

(more info will be added soon)

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