Killer Klown March Extended15:17

Killer Klown March Extended

Worry's new theme

well, figured I'd start a blog and show I am alive - I have been tasked with bringing news on how Worry will work into new canon and we've agreed that Worry will have a completely new origin and style.. in new canon Worry will be the "final" transformation of Arodnap, caused when she is cursed into a bug-form by misuse of Twilight Power at some point in new canon.. this means Arodnap will technically "die" a lot sooner than in main canon but remain as "Worry" (with her new form will come a new personality, befitting any incarnation of "Worry").

Due to the unique nature of Worry however this change will not go unnoticed by others high up in the cosmic hierarchy and things will start to "heat up", so to speak, as "god-tier" and above entities may start to realize the multiverse has been reset and remember fragments of "old" canon (note: it has been agreed that Primordial Ones and God-Force entities are immune to the reset but have such little contact (and rules) that their knowledge will not harm the reset.. as "lesser" deities (like Absolutes) start to learn of the "past" however it may get.. dangerous).

To replace Arodnap after her transformation into the new Worry we will have Kane for a brief while, eager to replace his mother - after Kane we shall have an introduction to what will be the Pendragon's recurring nemesis : a new and improved Gepetto (..bringing Inferno and Red together again as a fighting force after a long separation period in new lore..).

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