The V-Net (short for Virtual-Net) is an alternate reality that runs parallel to our own in which beings exist in a state not dissimilar to that found in virtual-reality: the V-Net is sometimes known as cyberspace and is a highly symbolic realm in which people create avatars in order to interact with the environment - although in many ways resembling an extremely realistic video-game the consequences of one's actions in the V-Net are far more severe and abuse of the V-Net can lead to potential death.

While in the V-Net the physical body is extremely vulnerable as it is effectively "shut down" - the subject's mind being uploaded via a link into this metaphysical realm, while physical death in the V-Net is impossible the trauma of having one's avatar "killed" in the V-Net is sufficient to induce potentially fatal brain-damage due to this link.

As well as "virtual visitors" the V-Net is inhabited by innumerable A.I. that have created avatars for themselves and have formed their own basic societies and rules, most of which are enforced by SIM - a particularly powerful example of such A.I and the official "guardian" of the V-Net.

Upon its introduction to Earth the V-Net has effectively taken over as humanity's main source of technological advancement (having pretty much rendered things such as the internet obsolete by comparision).

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