Valley High Sanatorium is a superhuman psychiatric ward and one of the first of its kind to be utilized in an attempt to keep dangerous superhuman criminals from the public as well as providing a "safehaven" for troubled superhumans of all walks of life.

In reality however Valley High is a miserable place where staff often abuse patients and a strong anti-superhuman presence is found amongst its halls - where rumors persist of illegal experimentation by scientists who seem more concerned with testing their new theories out on patients than providing care or protection.

Valley High Sanatorium was founded by Doctor Foster, who ran the ward until shortly after the events of Pathos - Fractured Dreams, after which he left under mysterious circumstances and left Valley High under the care of new owners who quickly tightened security and made it an even more oppressive atmosphere than before.

PATIENTS (Past and Present)

  • Runt (extremely dangerous sociopath - homicidal)
  • Pathos (unstable superhuman - known for her uncontrollable mood swings)
  • Ignis (technically not insane but is contained regardless due to exceptional danger)
  • Stitches (deadly sociopath with an obsession for body modification)

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