Vance is a male Pegacorn who first appeared in King of Kings, following this he would disappear for a considerable time - returning in A Dragon's Tale, from this point in the time-line he would become active in Avalon's lore and although he and Inferno never really developed a close friendship they were aware of each other and aided one another when required: as such Vance was one of many who attended Inferno's funeral pyre at the end of Monsters.


King of Kings

A Dragon's Tale


Vance only makes a very short "cameo" appearance in Monsters, as one of the many mourners at Inferno's funeral pyre following the defeat of Ebonscale.

Rise of The Misery Dragon-Flight


The Last Crusade

(IMPORTANT NOTE:- Pegacorns, Avalon and related material are the intellectual property of Inferno-Pendragon, who has given me permission to create this character)

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