Vevette is the main character of the story called Genocide of a Peaceful Race and also the wife of Satin Autrum. Vevette means a woman of the people.


Vevette is a ver strong independant young woman, especially for her age. She loves to have fun and she loves to be around people. She always had a special place in her heart and had always wished to have one of her own. After Satin left and never came she grew to be in a constant state of depression. The only thing keeping her going was the thought of having a child and getting to raise him/her.

Things to Know

There are several thing to be known about her that were not revealed in Genocie of a Peaceful Race:

  • She had been married to Satin only 6 months before he left and never returned. The story takes place 2 months after he left.
  • Vevette was actually pregnant at the time of the genocide. Her hope of her raising a child died when she did.
  • She loved Satin, for his difference and personality, not because of his strength.


Even though she is never seen using these abilities, being a Pauci, she had them inside her:

Crystal Growth- Vevette has the ability to grow crystals and use their density to help her. She gave Satin a crystal in the shape of a heart to him before he left. Unfotunately Trickster lost it while traveling to fight the Void master. That is one of the reasons he grew insane.

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